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Seta'sis Sword

A sword created for use by Neshaten soldiers and citizens alike. It was created in ER 245, and made available that same year.

The Seta'sis Sword is a sword that was created by a Neshaten blacksmith in ER 245, it went on to become one of the most prized weapons used for clearing out wildlife or for use in tournaments and defense. It would later be adopted by the Neshaten military, as a sword to be used by both enlisted and officers alike.

Made out of titanium, and reinforced using a carbon-fiber material, the sword is made tough and durable. Its blade is sharp enough to cut into most fabrics, even Kevlar, but can be dulled quickly after continued use.

The weapon hasn't gone through to many changes over the six hundred or so years it's been around, with the exception of the reinforcing of the blade's material.

All Seta’sis swords comes with cleaning and repair kits to help keep the sword in top condition.


  • Name: Seta'sis
  • Nomenclature: Ne-W2-A1
  • Type: Sword
  • Role: Anti-personnel
  • Length: 23.8 inches
  • Mass: 1 kg average
    • Price: 250 Rn (140 Rn for practice blade)
    • Damage: 3 PDR (Damage Rating (Version 3)) (1 PDR for practice)
    • Blade Composition: Titanium, with carbon fiber material mixed in.

Military Application

Because the Neshaten still hold true to their old ways of swordsmanship combat, the Volunteer Military mandates that all soldiers carry a sword with them at all times, the Seta'sis Sword is this sword of choice. It can either be carried by its scabbard on a soldier’s belt, or by a strap that lets them hang it off their back.

The Seta'sis Sword serves two symbolic gestures. The first is that the Neshaten feel that soldier should have every chance to fight their enemies, thus they possess this weapon. The second is to show a passage through training, and the completion of it. All soldiers, both in the regular military, and the youth division, carry this sword around during normal duty times and always when they go into combat.

For the military, their Seta'sis swords are stored with a scabbard made out of a leather-like material that has their duty-stations emblem etched into the side.

Civilian Application

For Civilians, the Seta'sis Sword is used as a form of self-defense weapon but also in gladiatorial tournaments. Unlike the military, Civilians have a tendency to modify their swords to suit their personal tastes so many of these swords exist with varying degrees of modifications done to them.

Civilian scabbards are made out of a light-weight metallic material.

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