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T12 Shin'ra'kre Heavy Fighter

:!: WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.
Class: Heavy Starfighter
Type: Starfighter
Designer: Sel-rok, Su'krin Yii'see
Manufacturer: Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing
Fielded by: Kingdom of Neshaten
Organizations using: Kingdom of Neshaten, Shukara Volunteer Navy, Or'ion Stealth Corp
Production: Multiples
Price: Not for Sale
Crew: 1-2
Emergency Capacity: 4
Length: 15.7 Meters
Width: 4 Meters
Height: 5 Meter
Propulsion and Range
Atmospheric Speed: 1,300km/h
Sublight Engines: 0.85c
FTL: .10ly/m
Durability and Maintenance
Service Lifespan: Twenty years
Refit Cycle: When needed
Damage Capacity
See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.
Hull: 15
Shields: 15 (Threshold 4)
Systems Information
Superstructure Dishe'trum
Armour System Cynestran
Reactor 1x Small Generator
Computer and Sensor Systems Cordecon Quantum Computer, Neshaten Scanner Array Suite.
Shield Systems Ta'tagen Field Generator
Life Support Systems Atmospheric Control Systems
Propulsion 3x Fi'nein Pulse Engine
Weapon Systems
2x HN-10-K Plasma Blaster Cannon
1x L1 Plasma Gatling
Missile Systems
4x Type 1 Explosive Missile
4x Neshaten Concussion Missiles

The Shin'ra'kre is a type of heavy fighter designed by the Neshaten to help serve the Kingdom in multiple capacities, due to its versatile design. The fighter was pressed into service in EE 002-v, with additional variations of it coming on-line in the seasons to come.


The Shin'ra'kre is a starfighter designed in response to the Navy's request for an updated fighter chassis that was better than the current crop that were available but could also be used by civilian's for non-combat roles. The T12 Shin'ra'kre boosts three sub-light engines that provide it a decent amount of speed, while also having an FTL drive-core which can allow the fighter to perform short-ranged FTL jumps in response to threats. The Shin'ra'kre comes standard with two forward firing cannons and a compartment for eight missiles either for air to air, air to ground, or space to space combat. The command area of the starfighter has enough room for two Su'krin Skiff front and back, allowing for a pilot and co-pilot, or room for a single Urename Skiff. A system will pump Kin'see'ha in between the skiffs and the fighters internals providing protection in the event that the pilot is unable to jettison their pod in time for the fighter to explode, this foam does not sever the link between the pilot and the fighter.

Two types of landing gear allow the Shin'ra'kre to land on either a runway or on a hard surface, equipped with the Graviton Manoeuvring System, the craft is capable of vertical and horizontal movement; such movements can be bane to enemy pilots and a boon to friendly ones depending on how it is used.


While the concept of the Shin'ra'kre was initially proposed toward the end of the last Era, technology hadn't yet been developed to allow for such a fighter of advanced tech and capability to exist. The actual reason for the Shin'ra'kre's creation was the result of something that the SNV Gam'trosha found, an alien species whose origins were of worry to Navy High Command; as although records were largely incomplete, those that were spoke of whom the creatures may be from and this possibility spurred the Navy into action by looking back at old concepts and choosing one they felt would most benefit their pilots.

High commanders didn't want a single fighter though, they wanted an entire classification of fighters that could be designed to handle different jobs so that the Neshaten wouldn't have to keep making new fighters to handle an old job. Engineers realized that to make this possible, some of the newer variants would have sacrifice equipment, armour, shields, or even weapons, in order to handle their rather specific roles well.

Although the Sin'ra'kre was designed to replace the Sho'run Fighter, command realized that replacing an already proven design would be meaningless as the fighter still served its purposes within the Navy; thus instead the Sho'run was relegated to a different role.


There are a number of variants for the Shin'ra'kre; these are the most common. The T12 is the first variety of the Shin'ra'kre, with others branching off from it


Known to test pilots as a 'buster', the T12-A is a bomber variant of the T12, incorporating a bomb bay over that of a missile launcher.


A Recon variant of the T12, with its heavy armour plating and other components removed to make room for reconnaissance equipment.


An Assault Variant of the T12, replacing its undercarriage repeating plasma blaster cannon with a positron one.

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