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Age Group 5+
Educational Primary or Lower Primary
Previous Division La'vishen
Next Division Ui'ishen or I'oshen

The Sh'ishen is a title that relates to Neshaten Kits between the ages of 5 and 14 whom are currently in the midst of their compulsory education, learning everything from the basics to the advanced. Sh'ishen Kits are treated quite carefully by their teachers, although they are not cuddled in the least, great care is taken to ensure they are properly educated and know what needs to be known in order to survive in the real world; because of this thought, Sh'ishen teachings can range from the general basics, such as reading, writing, and arithmetic which lasts throughout their Sh'ishen career; to other items such as home-economics, wilderness survival, physical training, etc. Sh'ishen get a lot of their education through field-trips and hands on experience along with specially designed workshops, as it is believed the students learn better from those methods than from reading out of text books.

In schools that have both a Sh'ishen and Ui'ishen division, Sh'ishen is instead considered a 6-12 age group. With Ui'ishen taking up the 13 and 14 year old age group.

The word Sh'ishen means 'Beginner Child' in Tinacen, and relates to a Kit going through the phases of beginning to be educated. Kits whom are in the Youth Corp are still considered Sh'ishen if they are twelve years of age or below, as they are still required to complete their compulsory education. Outside of school, Sh'ishen can be used as a form of insult toward another, to relate to a person's immaturity or lack of intelligence.


The following table is a list of skills that are common-place amongst Sh'ishen, however, unlike those in a military setting; these skills can be more openly defined by the player. Knowledge is always a required skill within the Neshaten. Players can also use the provided descriptions, or create their own.

Skill Description
Knowledge The kit is well versed in the knowledge appropriate for their age
Mathematics The kit is well versed in the mathematics appropriate for their age
Fighting Fighting is taught to Kits at a very young age, even before they start school. This kit would know how to defend themselves, and how to take down most people their age or slightly older without doing much harm.


Sh'ishen is basically elementary level.

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