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Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing

Company Information
Established ER472
CEO Jui'case He'uiasye
COO Viz'lieun'varya He'uiasye
Employees 7300
Main Station Nesha Prime (Planet)
Nomenclature ID SAM

Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing, or S.A.M. as some people call them, is responsible for manufacturing the majority of Neshaten military hardware. It was built in ER 376 under the name of Neshaten Armaments, it was renamed to Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing in late ER 472.

The company is split into four separate wings, each one handling something the other doesn't. Although from the top, the company isn't all that large, this is because the majority of it is underground. Originally the company had built a shipbuilding facility out at sea, designed for naval vessels but it was re-engineered to also build starships as well. When they built their orbital shipyards, their sea-based shipyard was once again turned back into a naval shipyard designed to build water-born vessels.

Wing One

Wing one, located in the center of the complex, is the main headquarters building and the complexes most prominent feature. The building is only two stories tall, but taller than any other building in the area.

This wing also connects the other three wings together. Most of wing one is administration offices.

Wing Two

Located on the complexes north side, wing two is responsible for manufacturing weapons such as rifles, guns, and swords along with other small items such as med-kits and repair-kits amongst other things. It also has design and development facilities where potential customers can observe the building process and also meet with designers to flesh out their designs.

Wing Three

Wing Three, which is located on the south-east section of the complex, is responsible for the manufacture and construction of ground vehicles, such as tanks. Like Wing Two, it has design and development facilities for customers.

Wing Four

Whereas Wing Two handles handheld weapons and Wing Three handles ground vehicles - Wing Four is responsible for constructing shuttles, fighters, bombers, and other manners of small-scale ships up to assault ships. Shukara Armaments has contracts to build civilian ships. There are design facilities located throughout Wing Four.

Most of the companies shipbuilding facilities are now in orbit, but they still own the ship building facility that is just off the coast, now turned into a museum but still capable of being used in the event of an emergency. There is a smaller ship building facility on company property, but it's only large enough to build shuttles and fighters.

Wing Four is the largest facility and is located on the south-west side of the complex, with its vessel building area's having large double doors so the finished product can be flown out of the facility to a waiting area.

The area that builds small starships such as the She'tan'ora and assault ships, is known as the Dungeon, below the Dungeon is a large underground hanger complex, used to house newly constructed ships but also serves as a launching point for the Kingdom's elite starfighter squadrons.

SAM Facilities

  • Nesha Prime (Planet) - Netoshen - The main HQ of the Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing is located within the capital city of Netoshen. The laboratories and offices are located within the main HQ, while it's factories are located around the remote outskirts of the city, where they mass produce their weaponry, as well as other things that are considered military.
  • Nesha Prime (Planet) - Orbit - The other facility that is ran by SAM is the Orbital Shipyard; Gamray Orbital Shipyard, which houses the many people whom build and develop different ships that allow the Neshaten to conceive space travel.

Important People

  • Jui'case He'uiasye - CEO -
  • To'ni Clo'thei - Lead Developer - Armor and Robotics -
  • She'lbe Mu'tay - Lead Developer - Infantry and Heavy Infantry -
  • Ma'xa'wel Mu'tay - Lead Developer - Starships and Fighters -
  • Au'dre Nou'larv - Lead Developer - Vehicles and Armaments -

Manufactured Products


  • Coming Soon







Designed Products


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  • Coming Soon

Subsidiary Companies

  • Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals - A subsidiary company of S.A.M. that focuses on the development of drugs for Recreational, Medical and Military use.


Reason Deposit Withdrawal T.a.T1) D.o.T2)
Start Up Funds - - - ER472
Total after Transaction
Date of Transaction

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