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Shukara Volunteer Navy

Shukara Naval Flag
Commander-in-chief: Vio'leca Hui'ye Cre'baya
Faction: Kingdom of Neshaten
Official Language: Tinacen
Established: ER 161

The Neshaten Navy is an all volunteer military, tasked with defending the Neshaten from threats both foreign and domestic. Most people call the Navy 'Shukara Navy', Shukara being named after a battle cruiser that protected the evacuation transports from near certain destruction. Although Shukara is also the name of their people and was adopted also for use within the military to help signify who they were to others.

While not possessing a very strong navy, the Shukara focus more on fast, hit and run type of vessels over heavily armored and slug feasts although this doesn't mean the Shukara lack a proper standing fighting force, some of their ships are designed for front line duty and for taking a large amount of damage and drawing fire while the more faster and nimble craft move in to harass enemy vessels.

In EE001, Vio'leca Hui'ye Cre'baya was named the new commander-in-chief of the Shukara Navy and set aboard boosting the navies rather small reserve of warships.

“Death Before Dishonour”


Pre-Shukara Naval Forming
Shia'tre War Before EB1) 293-298
Yuias'asge World War Before EB2) 587-766
K'sten Civil War EB3) 231-342
Tuy'sha Skirmish EW4) 005
Hi'shen Great War EW5) 008-500

Originally called the Neshaten Federal Navy, the Navy was formed back in the old days of the Federation, it was tasked back then with defending the entirety of the federation, but as more planets were colonized their forces started to be stretched very thin to the point where The Great War was made possible. The military was fractured slightly when the Pacifist Party broke away, taking a bulk of the military's support ships with them.

When the Great War ended, and the Neshaten settled on their world, it took them nearly a hundred and sixty one years before they re-established a fully operational military, where-as beforehand they had a mere militia force. The military's new task is much the same as its old one, to protect the Kingdom from threats, to protect its citizenry. Unlike the past, the current incarnation of the military is entirely volunteer and thus doesn't conscript soldiers. Conscription is possible, but only when the Neshaten are backed into a corner and are in a desperate need of soldiers

As of YE 33, the Neshaten are currently at peace. During this time, they undertake war-games and combat trials in order to prepare their soldiers and ships in case a war ever does come, or in case they are ever needed to combat

Operational Code

They operate under a code of honour, Neshaten don't like attacking people whom are unarmed. They also disapproval of weapons of mass destruction, thus the Neshaten Military doesn't deploy any kind of weapon that can potentially destroy a planet or an entire city and will never turn their starship based weaponry on a planet that is not their own, this is excepted upon when their own planet is under attack and they have to provide orbital fire down upon an attacking force, but this is the only instance the navy will do such a thing.

Something that is new and recently added to the military is the Youth Corps, a branch of the Neshaten Military that allows Kits, both Shukaren and My'leke, to volunteer their services.

Soldiers enlist for four years, after which they can either leave the military and go into a civilian job or continue their work.

Rank Tree

Listed below is a link to the militaries ranks and their paygrade.

Neshaten Volunteer Military Ranks and Paygrade


The Neshaten Navy is broken up into various organizational branches that are designed to ensure smooth running of the Navy


Enlistment Training

Upon entering the military, soldiers enter into six to eight months of training, combining drill, live-fire, and technical and career training courses. All soldiers are taught how to fight first, then their profession second.

There are other things that a Neshaten soldier must know while they are serving.

Officer Training

Soldiers who ever completed a higher form of education, or have climbed through the ranks, can be sent to Officer Training School to learn how to lead. Enlisted Soldiers will only attend OTS during peace-times, during wartime; Enlist Soldiers stay on the battlefield and gain their leadership through battles.

Early Solder Training

EST, or Early Soldier Training, is a form of training found in the Neshaten school system. All children can enter into the EST Program in order to prepare themselves for military boot camp. They are taught how to drill, fire a weapon, and are given limited hands-on training in every military field, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Medical
  • Flight
  • Engineering
  • Driving
  • Repair

Children can enter the program at nine years of age and essentially graduate from it at twelve years old. They can remain in the program if they enter advanced education.

Officer Training Program

Found only in the advanced education courses in the Neshaten school system. This program requires that the student had already attended Early Soldier Training. This program helps prepare the student for officer training by instructing them on proper commanding and leadership skills.

Like with the EST Program, this program likewise takes students through the various career fields but instead of just having them try it out they are given the chance taking part in the commanding experience.


Listed below are occupations that soldiers can train in, soldiers are permitted to cross train occupations but only if they have time. New Occupations are created every time a need arises; the military in general is made up of several different occupations that soldiers can enlist into, while some are officer specific, the majority are not.

Occupation Short Description NPC/PC Location
Marine Combat Enemies and Repels Boarders Both Onboard Starships or Groundside
Aviator Flies fighters or bombers, and starships Both Anywhere
Healer Treats wounded Both Anywhere
Engineer Performs repairs, maintains starship, repairs and installs technology Both Anywhere
Swordmaster Close Quarters Combat or Bodyguards Both Anywhere
Agent Intelligence Officer Both Anywhere
Counselor Adviser and counselor Both Anywhere
Officer Level Positions
Shipmaster Captains Starships or Stations Both Ships or Stations
Lexicon Captains XO Both Ships or Stations

While some occupations are rather specific in their tasks, such as the Aviator and Sword master, others are broader and have sub-occupations that exist within that soldiers can specialize into. Marines, for example, can either remain as regular marines or they can specialize in sniping, assault, or combat medics. What a soldier decides to specialize in depends on what their skills and talents are.

Occupational Performance Degree

When a new soldier starts out, they are but an apprentice at their chosen occupation. This means that they are new, inexperienced, and untested. They shouldn't be fully relied upon to do a perfect job, directly because they are new. As a soldier gains experience in their profession, they are tested in the knowledge they gain through work and combat and these tests helps improve their placement within their occupation. Mastery of the occupation means that they have little more to learn and that the only stuff they can learn is when new technology is researched and devices, weapons, or starship components and starships in general are put into place.

An Occupational Degree serves two purposes - the first is that as the person gets more experienced, their pay also increases by a set amount, this is done to show more trust in that person, to show that the military in general feels that they can rely on them to do a good job. The second is that it determines how experienced the person is in their chosen field, however, if they perform poorly they can LOSE this degree.

A person's degree also helps in determining what kind of equipment they can use, an example being that an Apprentice Aviator who flies a fighter will be restricted in using only the equipment that is required for their chosen mission, on the other hand a Master Aviator can deviate from the missions required equipment and equip themselves with items they feel may help out better.

Some occupations require the person to be a master before they are even allowed to leave training, this is accomplished by Masters in those fields doing the training itself.

Degree Description Wage Increase
Apprentice New to the profession 0%
Intermediate They know most of their profession 15%
Master They are a master 50%

An apprentice is someone who is rather new to their profession and only knows that which they attended basic training and occupational training from. Even IF the soldier came from a previous background that had something in common with their profession, all soldiers thus start out as an apprentice and then work their way up.


A soldier who is intermediate in their profession knows half of what they need to know, they are thus good at it but not perfect but can be relied upon to perform at an adequate pace.


Masters are soldiers who know their profession very well, they know the ins and outs of what is needed and also can perform without being given orders to do so. A master can be relied upon and doesn't need to be handheld.

Consequences of Losing a Degree

If a soldier performs very poorly, or if their superior feels that they just aren't doing what they are supposed to, they can lose their degree. A soldier losing the degree is just as serious as them being demoted, since in most cases the two go hand in hand. If a soldier loses a degree, they will likely also be demoted.

Losing a degree also makes it harder for that soldier to move up in their profession, because of the loss of trust and confidence. They also suffer in their wage by actually having it reduced for a set period of time.


When a soldier performs an action that is above the call of duty, or they perform a feat that was not expected of them. A soldier can be awarded medals and ribbons, but the best kind of reward a soldier can receive is an honorary title. Honorary titles are rewarded to soldiers who perform such a gallant feat that the military high command feels they deserve something more than a medal.

Honorary titles are considered the Kingdoms highest form of recognition, a soldier who has a title is entitled to respect from all officers and soldiers, including officers whom are above the soldiers rank. Each title refers to the area that the soldier demonstrated, a soldier can earn multiple honorary titles.

Title Meaning
Trey'nan'ie He/She who is Courageous, the Courageous One
Trey'Tri'ca He/She who is Intelligent, the Intelligent One
Trey'Vor'la He/She who is Strategic, the Strategic One
Trey'Xie'sa He/She who is Dangerous, the Dangerous One
1) , 2) , 3)
Era of Beginning
4) , 5)
Era of War

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