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SNV Furi'ken Personnel

This page lists the notable crew members of the SNV Furi'ken and available positions.

Crew Roster

When adding your character, you do not need to put the ranks emblem (image), you can just put the rank name instaed.


Name Rank Position Player Shift Notes
Chi'ka Jukiso'me'sane Sere'ta'kon Sere'ta'kon Kyle (GM) Also Swordmaster

Warrant Officers

Name Rank Position Player Shift Notes


Bridge Personel

Name Rank Position Player Shift Notes
Phra'athit Neha Ay'indri F'Bantau Or'ion Agent Soresu



Name Rank Position Player Shift Notes

Available Positions

The SVN Furi'ken is currently seeking the following:

  • Aviator
  • Marine
  • Agent

However, due to this being the only navy plot currently available in the faction, any occupation is welcomed, just that those listed above are the most needed.


This plot is open to all Neshaten characters, including adult and child characters as well.

Unassigned Players

  • None thus far

Cabin Assignments

All players, enlisted, officers, captain alike, make their home on Deck 4. There are 150 cabins, 20 officer cabins, 1 Captain's cabin.

Cabin Assigned Notes

Former Crewmen

This lists former crewmen.

Character Rank Occupation Player Name
Rozālija Yoysa C'Baruce Combat Aviator Immortal Cyan
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