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Kestrire'alis Reconnaissance Class

Designed in EE 004(YE-40) for the Neshaten Shukara Navy, the Kestrire'alis reconnaissance Class is a medium warships and provides the Neshaten with a decent amount of firepower, long range assault capability, protected exploration, and fighter support. It entered service in EE004.

About the Ship

The Kestrire'alis is the first medium class long range recon ship created by the Neshaten, unlike other medium class vessels the ship is intended to operate on its own and doesn't require a support fleet to operate.

The ship is equipped with less weaponry than a patrol class, but makes up for this by having a spinal weapon capable of allowing it to tangle with other ships of its weight class or potentially higher. It also has a decent sized hanger bay which allows it to carry a small squadron of fighters, but where it shines is its capability of carrying large numbers of troops and vehicles along with having a state of the art sensor system.

The vessels weaponry is located across the entire vessel. Ten broadside batteries are located on the forward starboard and portside; three medium turret mounts are located on the top, while beam blisters are located on the ships engine arch and along the bottom. Ten mark 1 anti-fighter and missile turrets are located on the top while an additional ten of each are on the bottom. Streamer turrets are located on the sides of the ship including two that are located on the rear near the engine section.

Key Features

As the Kestrire'alis was designed for long range exploration and recon, it has ample storage space for plenty of provisions while also having a rather large hanger and vehicle bay that can house a plentiful number of shuttles, fighters, and vehicles. It's storage bays also mean that it can house prefabricated structures, including those that can be used to create FOB's. The arch located on the back of the ship houses some of the vessels sensor equipment while also serving as a stabalizer in rough weather.

The ship also has a forward ram on it, used to breach the hulls of enemy vessels, although the ram also serves as a boarding apparatus due to the three 'hatches' that exist on it, one on the front of the ram, on the left, and another on the right; all of which allow for the ships marine's to board an enemy vessel. The ram can be jettisoned in the event that the enemy tries to use *it* to board the ship.

Mission Specialization

The Kestrire'alis specializes in long range reconnacise and because of this has ample storage space for supplies. It's well equipped nature means that it is capable of taking a pounding while fleeing from enemies.

It's large vehicle and hanger bay likewise means that it can carry a decent amount of shuttles and vehicles.


The Kestrire'alis resemble's a long, thin sword with a bloated rear section that has an arch that houses some of the ships weaponry. The undercarriage is where the spinal mounted cannon finds its home while the top of the vessel is where the majority of the ships weaponry is located.

History and Background

The Kestrire'alis was created in response to the failed She'tan'ora class that, instead of becoming the staple of space exploration, became a death trap for crews that manned her. The Kestrire'alis's designers made the class not only bigger, but also more well armed, faster, and capable of operating for long periods of time without the need of constant resupply. Engineers looked toward the populace for the ships actual appearance and then looked toward the opinions and advice of those who had crewed a She'tan'ora to see what this class of ship needed in order to be better.

Statistics and Performance

This lists the general performance information, it should be noted that while large, the ship is actually faster than most other vessels.



Crew: 23 officers, 471 Enlisted. At least 10 officers and 150 crew are required.

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 500 people. About 1400 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


  • Length: 540 meters (1,771 Feet)
  • Width: 60 meters (196 feet)
    • Height(At Highest Point): 61 meters (200 feet)
    • Height(At Lowest Point): 37 meters (121 feet)
  • Decks: 12 (3 meters each)

Propulsion and Range

  • Hyperspace Fold Drive: 0.5 ly/m
  • Sublight Engines: .200c-.225c
  • Atmospheric Engines: 680 km/h
  • Underwater Engines: 50 Knots.
  • Range: Due to its ample storage, it has almost unlimited range.
  • Lifespan: Can last ten years with routine maintennace.
  • Refit Cycle: Once every two years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Inside the Ship

The following will list the guts of the ship.

Compartment Layouts

For a visual layout, please see the Ship Diagram.

Kar'ta'nomae Guka'meka choose to deviate from tradition and instead the deck layout for the is more simplistic. Decks are numbered from top to bottom, with the top being deck 1 and the bottom being deck 15. A deck layout will be added at a later date. Deck 5 is all storage for the ship, and is designed to serve as a buffer between the ships primary weapon (The MAC Gun) and the rest of the ship.

Compartment Name Deck
Small Observation Lounge, Medium Turret Bay Deck 1
Hanger Bay Upper, Observation Lounge, Astrometrics Lab, Escape pod access, aft/port airlock, Medium Turret Bay, Flight Control, Flight Control Observation Deck, Dorsal Waste Storage, Meditation Room Deck 2
Hanger Bay Middle, Vehicle and Star fighter Storage, Armory, Training Room, Armor Maintenace, Secondary Computer Core, Agricultural Storage, Marine Deployment Bay, Water Storage, Science Lab, Marine Barracks, Training Room, Brig, Escape Pod Access, Atmospheric Control Systems Backups, Atmospheric Control Systems, Scanner Array Suite, Observation Bridge, Crew Quarters, Labs, Backup Shield Generator,Damage Control Center, Weapons Maintenance Rooms, Fabrication Area, Steller Cartography Deck 3
Hanger Bay Lower, Vehicle and Star fighter Storage, Recreational, Captain, Officers and VIP Quarters, Officers Mess, Escape Pod Access,Medical Center, Medical Officers Quarters and Office, Escape Pod Access, Main Science Lab, Computer Core Room, Shield Control Room, Backup Storage Deck 4
Guest Quarters, Civilian quarters, Escape Pod Access, Warrent Officer Mess, Main Mess Hall, Crew Quarters, Escape Pod access, Environmental Control Room Backup Deck 5
Crew Quaters, Lab, Main Bridge(Assault Bridge), Ready Room, Conference Room, Marine Barracks, Light Turret Access Deck 6
Ship Isolation Deck 7
Engineering, Main Shield Generator, Weapons Reactor Room, Port/Starboard/Forward Docking Ports, Escape Pod Access, Crew Quarters, Munitions Storage, FTL Drive Core Access, Reserve FTL Drive Core, Crew Quarters Deck 8
Maintenance Deck, Marine Barracks, Capacitor Banks, Emergency Life Support, Deck 9
MAC Munitions Storage, Escape Pod Access, Waste Storage, Upper Spinal Mount, MAC Fire Control Center, Labs, Escape Pod Access, Environmental Control Room Deck 10
Spinal Mount Access, Escape Pod Access, Upper Vehicle Bay, Marine Drop Pod Bay Upper, Middle Spinal Mount, Spinal Mount Loading Area and Arming, Deck 11
Vehicle Bay, Boarding Ramp, Marine Drop Pod Bay, Lower Spinal Mount Deck 12


This vessel has multiple Neshaten Weapons Armory.


The vessel uses two Small Assault Bridge's for command and control, one serves as the primary bridge while a second one as the backup.

Flight Control Center

Has two Neshaten Flight Control Center, one primary which is located on the ships fore, and another that is located in the ships hanger bays.

Captains Suite

Q'abrenal Cabin is the main living space for the ships captain, a second one serves as the living quarters in the event that the ship has a Q'Abrenal stationed on board.

Cargo Storage Areas

There are several Main Cargo Hold's located through the ship, not just the one located on the bottom deck. The vessel also has Food Storage Bays to store provisions.

Crew Cabins

The vessel has multiple L1, L2, and L3, Prefab Crew Decks, of which the Standard Crew Cabin is used by the ships crew. The Neshaten Officer Cabins are used by officers, the Ini'she (Counselor) by the ships Counselor and finally the Neshaten Q'Abrenal Quarters for the Shipmaster. The ship also has multiple Neshaten Wash Facilities

Crew Recreation

The Observation Lounge serves as part of the vessels recreational lounge.


This vessel has the Large Engineering Bay that serve as it's main engineering.

Crew Cafeteria

This vessel uses the Prefab Cafeteria and Lounge for both eating and lounging.

Maintenance Conduits

The Maintenance Conduit streches throughout the ship, similiar to a honeycomb, providing direct access to most of the ships systems.

Medical Center

On this ship is the Large Medical Center, which enables the vessel to provide medical relief to a large number of crew or even in the event of an emergency on planet or in space.


The Standard Hallways are considered standard hallways for this vessel, however, this is subject to change.

Armory Storage

The Armory is where all of the ships personnel weaponry is storaged, there are several on this ship all of which are under armed guard.

Starfighter and Shuttle Bays

The vessel has a custom built bay that is designed to house a large number of starfighters, bombers, dropships, and shuttles. The bay takes up three of the ships decks.

Shield Room

The Shield Control Room serves not only as the central location where the ships main shield is controlled but can also serve as the location of the shield generator itself, it is often protected by guards.

Computer Room

The Kes' uses a Large Computer Room to store the ships main computer, like a few other area's, it is constantly under guard… this includes the decoy room.

Science Labs

There are a number of Small Scientific Research Labs's located throughout the ship, while there is only one Astrometrics Lab.

Damage Control Centers

There are severalDamage Control Center's located throughout the vessel that provides ample, and quick, response to damage sustained either in combat or from natural causes.

Ship Systems

The following lists all of the ships systems.

Weapons Reactor

The ship has one primary, and one secondary weapons reactor, with the primary being a Lunabaren High-Energy Reactor and it's backup being of a similiar model.

Main Reactor

The Kes' has one Lunabaren High-Energy Reactor and six backup Lunebaren Reactors that can either serve as backups, or kickstarters to the primary in the event of a startup failure.

Faster Than Light

The Kes' has a single Class 1 Kres'tronova Fold Drive for faster than light travel.

Landing Gear

Has the Landing Claw that serve's as its main landing gear.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The superstructuer of the vessel is made out of Dishe'trum, while Cynestran and Crynatorium serve as the ships main hull and armor plating.

Computers and Electronics

The ship comes equipped with the Cordecon Quantum Computer and a set of Neshaten Scanner Array Suite's

Life Support Systems

The Kes' has two Atmospheric Control Systems, one that is primary, and a Emergency Support System that serves as the backup.


This vessel is equipped with four Class 3 Luxiton Gravitic Engines, giving it a decent amount of speed. It uses the Kres'tronova Fold Drive for FTL travel.

Shield Systems

This vessel has one Ta'tagen Field Generator, and another that serves as a backup.

Weapons Systems

The Kes' come's with the Os'hane Combat Systems and Universal Turret Mounts, allowing it to equip the following weapons:

Vehicle Complement

This section lists the maximum number of vehicles.


This section lists the maximum number of shuttles. It should be noted that the Ure'name Skiff, being quite small and easy to store, has the largest amount on the ship and can serve as a 'dead-mans' escape vehicle in an emergency.

Number Type
Space Vehicles
30x CC-32 Orso'dian Dropship
150x Urename Skiff


This section lists the maximum number of fighters/bombers. Do note that modiciations done to the ship could mean that more can be stored than what is listed here. The ship is designed to carry a full compliment of six squadrons of starfighters and the required equipment to service them. Depending on its mission profile though, it might carry other vehicles.

Number Type
Space Vehicles
15x Sho'run starfighter
15x Lune'ctre'esss Bomber
5x T32 Shi'ree Royal Fighter
15x Shorun_Mk2_fighter
15x Royal Guardian
15x Ga'la'rious Long Range Scout
15x Ni'ocon Heavy Gunship

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