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Kingdom of Neshaten

The Kingdom of Neshaten is a decent sized Kingdom, spawning multiple races and with a fairly well developed Culture, that is also rather socially conservative. The Kingdom is liked by its own due to its established government and because of its desire to help not only those within the Kingdom but also those outside of it. The races of the Kingdom include the Shukaren (Species) and My'leke (Species), although the Kingdom is open to others possibly joining their ranks but only those whom are loyal to the Kingdom.

Neshaten Flag
Current Year: EE005 1)
Government Overall
Government Type: Council Monarch
Current Royal Family: Yume'na Family
Queen: Vas'Sumera Yumena
King: Cras'Kirane Yumena
Oversight: Citizenship Oversight Commitee
Government Branches: Advisory Council, Legislative, Executive Council, Military Council
Societal Information
Capital: Netoshen, Central Continant, Nesha Prime (Planet)
Official Language: Tinacen
Currency: RN
Religion: Chi'lerious
My'leke: 2.6 Billion
Shukaren-Laibe: 3.7 Billion
Shukaren-Daur: 3.9 Billion
Historical Overview
Formation: ER 000: Original Formation of Kingdom, along with Government

The Kingdom's formation is the result of a terrifying Great War that spanned for many hundreds of years and which almost lead to their complete extinction; with their people saved only due to the smart thinking of several political figures of the time, which allowed a small group of Neshaten to head off into space to create a new life and a new civilisation. The Neshaten place great importance on things such as education and the environment, but also in trade. They are also constantly at work trying to reimagine the technology that they've since lost, attempting to recover some of their roots in the process.


The following lists a historical summary of the Kingdom, for more in depth information, visit the History Page. See the Neshaten Time Line for chronological events.


Tos'cana Ye'gor

The Kingdom was formed in the Era of Restart 000 after the Neshaten settled on Nesha Prime, although influences of this society can be traced back to the Neshaten's time in the Isu'Sane star cluster, a cluster they once inhabited before their people were forced to flee to their new world. The people had learned from past mistakes that allowing any one person to possess more power than that of a citizen was folly and choose to create a Council Monarch with a large civilian oversight committee that could be used to monitor the government and ensure that it ran inline with the desires of the citizenry. They have created a rather caring Culture, if not one that is more isolationist than others, but still open to new ideas.

Before Era of Restart

The Neshaten were originally a society that inhabited a very distant star system, with their technology progressing at a quick rate, this all ended when a civil war between two parties suddenly erupted, throwing their once great and peaceful empire into disarray, nearly leading to an extinction. The war had resulted in the deaths of countless millions, historians don't know fully how many people actually died in the war although a rough number puts the count at nearly 87 trillion. Seeing no possible end to the war, the Neshaten Federation - to which the Neshaten called themselves once - choose to create a number of large passenger transports that could take a small group of people and ferry them into deep space. This would later lead to the creation of the Kingdom of Neshaten, although concerns of the past remain with the citizenry, as each and every person is a descendant of someone who either died during the journey or someone who couldn't be evacuated in time.

The journey to their new world lasted nearly seven hundred years, although only two transports actually arrived in the new system while the rest still haven't arrived. Presently there has been no evidence of them being anywhere in the known galaxy.

Era of Exploration

By the year ER 700, the Kingdom had begun to reinvent some of the technology that it had once lost to the Great War; Including faster than light travel, that would eventually allow them to start colonising not only the planets in their system but further. However, as a result of this process of reinvention, it also revealed other things about their home system, including that it was inhabited by a naturally occurring interdiction field that prevented FTL from functioning within the star system itself. In order to overcome this problem, the Neshaten created a vast gate network to ferry their ships at near FTL speeds from one planet to another, allowing ships to cross the distance from one point in the star system to another in less than a few days, instead of a few years.

Shortly after the Neshaten began to explore beyond their home system they discovered that they were not alone in this galaxy.

Government and Politics

The Council Monarch serves as the primary form of government within the Kingdom, and consists of an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches - its current royal family is the Yume'na Family which is headed by Vas’Sumera Yume'na who serves as the queen and Yume'na Cras'kirane who has the position of King, a Daur and My'leke who were bonded during the Rite of Honour. There are a number of other branches that exist within the Monarch, most of which are headed by members of the citizenry while others are supervised by members of previous royal families. The Division of Education is one branch that is closely tied to that of the Legislative and Executive branches, and handles all manners of education from both the public to the military. Other branches include the Division of Public Safety, which is responsible for law enforcement actions both planetside and orbital, the Division of Health Management which carries the responsibility operating the Kingdom's health and the medical system as well as ensuring that all food is safe for Neshaten consumption.

Other branches include the Division of Property management, which is responsible for cataloging all property owned by citizens. There's also the Colonial Guard and Management Division, which performs two completely separate duties; the first is to provide protection to new colonies through the use of private military contracts, the second purpose is to handle all knowledge and information, this includes archives and news media.

Another division that falls under the control of the Executive branch is the Division of Environmental Management, which is responsible for overseeing all of the Kingdom's Fauna and Flora, ensuring that no ecological damage is done to either but also for responding for major disasters.

Finally, the Division of Justice and Enforcement, which is a segment of the Division of Public Safety that operates independently of Public Safety is responsible for all judicial responsibilities and falls under the Legislative and Executive Branches; unlike the majority of the division, the Division of Justice and Enforcement works with 'all' divisions of government. Lastly, there is the Citizen Oversight Committee, who holds the important responsibility of ensuring that every division of government operates within the laws established by the citizenry and are allowed to call out officials if they discover illegal actions.

Foreign Relationships

Main Article: List of Enemies, Allies, or Neutral Factions to the Neshaten

Before the Neshaten discovered that they were no longer alone in the galaxy, their only relationship was with the Netrunu'marol, a terrorist organization who felt that the current ruling Monarch had no reason to rule over Laibe's. The Neshaten, while they recognize the Netrunu'marol as being an anti-government terrorist group, also realize that such an organization can lead to disastrous results if left unchecked and unopposed; the Kingdom carries a large bounty for anyone who turns in a member of the organization or if evidence surfaces that a citizen had killed a member of the group.

In the year of EE 002-v, the Kingdom discovered the Poku Saeruo Degonjo after a series of mysterious transmissions had been sent to their a colony of theirs in the Bai'yusaenahe'mah Star System, this lead to the discovery and later treaty signing with what is known as the Hidden Sun Clan. After the treaty signing, the Neshaten realized that the HSC wasn't the only nation that existed in the universe, but that there were several others - this included the Yamatai Star Empire and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia amongst others; the Neshaten have since only met the Yamataians and have yet to establish actual contact with any other nations although this is subject to change.

However, through their talks with the HSC, the Neshaten also learned of the Mishhuvurthyar and although they don't know much about them; what they have been told has them not wanting to actually meet this nation as an enemy.

In EE 004-v The underground terrorist organisation known as Kingdom Fall surfaced in response to the assembling of the counter-terror group Neshaten Division 5. With the emergence of this anti-establishment group the kingdom acquired another enemy, due to the diligent efforts of the Division 5 members information was eventually brought to light of various other species cooperating with Kingdom Fall. This lead to a full territorial lockdown in order to identify whether foreign nations were helping the terrorists.


Main Article: economics

The Neshaten use the RN monetary unit to organize all of its economic stability; although this currency comes in the form of digital money it is backed up by precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper which helps to determine the different values of the currency from the lowest to the highest. Outside of this currency, the Neshaten also permit bartering for items with the value of an item is based off not only it's quality but also the material it was made out of; it is not uncommon for a citizen to never have the digital currency of RN and instead barter for all of their goods whether it is food or a luxury item.

The Kingdom's main form of economic drive is in their medicine and food production, with the secondary being entertainment. Trade between worlds is operated by a serious of private transport companies all of whom operate under the Division of Transportation, regulation of goods is done by the Division of Customs Enforcement. The Division of Expansion is responsible for both the transportation of goods to newly colonized worlds, but also maintains that each and every colony must be able to produce at least enough food to feed half of the planet's population so that in the event of a major war those planets won't have to worry too much about not receiving imported foodstuffs.


Main Article: Shukara Volunteer Navy

Secondary Article: Neshaten Technology

The Shukara Volunteer Navy is the primary military and exploration arm of the Kingdom. The SVN was created to protect not just the home world, but also all colonies from attacks outside of the Kingdom - originally formed to only handle this job, it was later reformed in ER 698 to also handle attacks from pirate groups and insurrectionists such as the Netrunu'marol. Initially established colonies originally fell under the leadership of the Navy, but in EE 002-v, the Colonial Military Administration was established to oversee fledgling colonies and make building up of said colonies much more smoothly; as the Navy now had an actual division that was better prepared and better designed to run those colonies where-as the main military wasn't meant to do this originally.

Another branch of the navy includes the Youth Corps, a military organization that primarily employs the young of the Kingdom and teaches them not only military-related training but also job-related skills - as the Youth Corp is not a mandatory contract like the Navy is.

Sphere of Influence

The following details some of the influence within the Kingdom for colonies and provisional governments.


Colonies make up the majority of the Kingdom's sphere of influence within the Kuirenasova Cluster, each and every colony is selected to perform a specific task whether it is industrial, agriculture, military, or population - these tasks are determined based off the planet that the colony is placed on, whereas a planet that has very little fertile land might be better suited to industry or military operations, a planet that does have a lot of fertile lands would be used as a population center or one for agriculture.

Every star system though has a military colony in it which serves as a response base in the event of attacks either by foreign nations or pirates.

Star System Importance Specific Task2) Colonized Notable Planets
Nesha (System) Home System None ER 000 Nesha Prime (Planet), Levia (Planet)
U'varun Military System Military and Agriculture EE 000-v Uvarun 2, Uvarun 3
Jui'varen(System) None Agriculural Development ER 000 New Jui'varen
nomenshan None Industrial Mining EE 001 No'menshan 2
She'sha'sho Star System None Scientific Study ER 001 None
Ki'kayshea'ne Star System None Industrial Mining ER 001-v Ki'kayshea'ne
Bai'yusaenahe'mah Star System None Industrial Mining ER 002 None
U'ia Star System None Scientific Study ER 002 U'ia X

Provisional Governments

Every planet has a provisional government on it, run by a Lord or Lady, who is a member of a noble family. These governments are responsible only for local government functions and are not capable of taking national actions such as mobilizing the main navy for military actions. Provisional Government is created by local citizens, who then elect a member of a noble family to oversee the government - like the Council Monarch, even the provisional governments have citizen oversight committees. Small militia groups operate under these types of governments who are responsible for protecting the colonies from external attacks by pirates or other foreign forces until help from the Navy can be arranged.

More Information

The following is information that is not included in the above text.

YE42, 2020
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