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Neshaten Medium Warships

This page lists all medium warships used by the Kingdom of Neshaten. Trade Families can lease these crafts so long as they have a good standing with the Kingdom. The Re'liant Class is also included in here, but because this class refers to multiple types of ships utilizing the same hull design, only those designs are listed.

Ship Class Crew Numbers Price armed1) Price unarmed2) Status
xeichrofan_class_cruiser Close Quarters Warship Unknown Unknown Unknown Concept Stage
Kestrire'alis Reconnaissance Class Reconnaissance/Exploration Unknown Unknown Unknown Concept Stage
Ki'stra Patrol Class Patrol 21 officers, 371 Enlisted 458,000 Rn Can't be bought unarmed, due to integrated weapon systems Active
Cen'tris Marine Assault Class Marine Assault Transport 15 Officers, 150 Enlisted, 100 Marines Not available to the public Can't be bought Concept
How much the ship costs with weapons already on it
How much the ship costs without weapons on it

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