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Te'rename is a form of very light armor plating that was created for use in body armor and small craft and vehicles. Te'rename is the brainchild of Tere'nafas Yu'shala, a soldier who felt that the current level of personnel armor protection needed an improvement. Tere'nafas discovered that the muscular tissue of Seu'krona, a worm-like creature that exists on Nesha Prime, was not only very tough but also quite flexible as muscular tissue typically is; this is what lead to Teren'nafas taking this tissue and combining it with bio-engineered spiders silk, this lead to the creation of Te'rename, a strong, light weight and flexible piece of armor that could be used as armor for body-suits, body armor, as part of the shell of a star fighter or even a vehicle. It's bending nature also meant that it could be used as part of a deployable armor skiff. This makes the Te'rename a hybridization of both living organic cells and symbiotic cell-sized catoms, which helps give the armor plating greater flexibility and ease of use.

Because of what the armor is created out of, it is quite flexible, capable of bending with impacts from a kinetic weapon and deforming. It can also dampen the concussive forces, although it can't eliminate them entirely. However, one of the major drawbacks is that the armor is rather weak to energy based weapons, while it'll provide some protection from them, the armor will fail much more quickly than if hit consecutively from kinetic ones.

As time progresses, it gets stronger, more flexible, and easier to use. However, because this armor 'is' created out of a part of an animal, it will start to degrade after one year and must be replaced or else the armor 'will' fail.

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