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Type 1 Nuclear Missile

Nuclear Missiles are a Neshaten weapon designed in ER 410 (Before YE), the type ones are considered old and outdated, but there's been no current reason to update them.


When the Neshaten resettled in the Nesha Star System, their original mode of power was Nuclear Reactors, but Nuclear Reactor were slowly being phased out with the discovery of the Lunabaren Crystal. Because of this, the Neshaten had no idea what to use existing reactors for until in ER 590 when an Engineer suggested that the Uranium be used in the creation of Nuclear Weapons.

Because of the radiation fallout of nuclear based weapons, the governmental council was hesitate on allowing such weapons to be made, preferring instead to stick to cleaner weapons that didn't generate such wide scale destruction. However, these concerns were pushed aside, when some members of the council realized that at some point in the future they'd be expanding out into the universe and in case they ran into any hostile races, they'd need the weapons to combat them.

Although most found the concerns 'needless', the decision was eventually reached to create Nuclear tipped missiles. The first of these missiles was manufactured in ER 594. However, currently the Neshaten are researching a means to combine Uranium based warheads, with Lunabaren crystals, in an effort to make something far more powerful - but right now all they have are nuclear missiles.


The following is a list of components that are used in the Type 1.


The warhead has a rounded shape with the nuclear payload located within.


The missile uses a crynatorium designed hull that helps deliver its payload, because of this it has a small amount of energy based protection.


Type 1 Nuclear Missiles use a plasma based engine for propulsion, with the fuel loaded in the rear of the engine.

Guidance System

Located behind the warhead is the missiles guidance control software that helps to guide the missile to its intended target.

Missile Sizes

The Type 1 comes in three different sizes, each one has its uses, with the T1F being for fighters, T1S for use on Starships, and T1O to be used in ground based launcher systems. T1F's are the only missiles, however, that are used on Neshaten starship based missile hard points, while the T1S is used in either dedicated missile or torpedo launchers.

The T1O is considered an Orbital Ballistic Missile used currently on ground based silos only; its usage is highly restricted and can be used either against solid objects or against starships.

Missile Name Missile Type Warhead Type Damage Length
Fo'rene Missile Type 1F, Anti-Fighter Small Tier 8 or Tier 9, Medium Anti-Mecha or Heavy Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which) one meter
So'rene Missile Type 1S, Anti-Starship Medium Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha three meters
Oo'rene Missile Type 1O, Anti-Starship Large Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship twelve meters

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