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Uga'nano Class Colony Ship

The Uga'nano class colony ship is a disposable vessel that permits the Neshaten to colonize worlds. The ship was first conceived in ER 773 and entered service in EE 001. It is being manufactured by the SAM, or Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing.

About the Uga'nano

The Uga'nano is a colony-ship designed from the ground-up to be a disposal vessel that can work as the first stages of a beginning colony, the ship can be cannibalized by the crew and civilian population to build the first structures on a planet. This also means that it's weapon systems can be used as colony defenses.

The ship has construction and fabrication modules that are built into 'kits' that can be put together after the ship has landed on the surface of a planet.


Plans and diagrams for the Uga'nano were created in ER 773 just two years before the first military style vessel was created, during this time the Neshaten had already been in the process colonizing other planets in their local star system but they knew they'd need more than just transports and passenger liners to ferry construction supplies to a future colony. Thus, the Uga'nano was created to help serve this task. However, not all of the Uga'nano were unique, most of the schematics were derived from the colony ships that helped bring the Neshaten to their world.

Because much of the civilian government felt that there were no other species in the universe, brought on by how their ancestors had never encountered a foreign alien race before, the ship was originally slated to be weapons free. This actually changed due to the resurgence of terrorist activities amongst the local system and the fear that a colony ship could be taken easily by terrorist forces.

However, it wasn't just that that caused the ship to become armed. The Queen felt that it was 'foolish' to put civilian lives at risk just because their ancestors hadn't encountered anyone, it was reportedly stated that she felt the government wasn't being serious enough.


:!: Posted Artwork is a WiP :!:

The Uga'nano has the appearance is a rather long 'rod' with sections protruding outward from the bottom and sides. The bridge is located toward the rear section in the ships only raised portion, much of the cryo-pods are located in the 'wings' on the sides while the central section has the majority of the cargohold.

There is a hanger-bay on the underside and at the very top along with turrets that run along the ships left and right side.

Statistical Data


Class: Colony Ship Nomenclature: Ne-L1-1A Type: Disposable Colonyship Designer: She'tanora Creno'lane Manufacturer: Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing Fielded by: Kingdom of Neshaten Organizations using: Kingdom of Neshaten, Division of Expansion Production: Depend on fleet

Crew and Accommodations

Crew: 57 Passengers: 1,400 In stasis Maximum Capacity: 2500 Emergency Capacity: Because of it's abundance of space brought on by its cargo-holds, in an emergency the ship can hold almost nine thousand people. However, this will stress it's life support systems beyond recommended limits.


Length: 830 meters (2,723 feet) Width: 209 meters (685 feet) Height: 302 meters (990 feet) Decks: 10 (4 meters each)

Propulsion and Range


  • Sublight Engines: (45,298.21 km/s) .3c
  • Atmospheric Engines: 900 kph
  • Hyperspace Drive: 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)
  • Note: The Uga'nano was intended for atmospheric flight due to it's profile

Durability and Maintenance

Service Lifespan: Because of it's hydroponics lab, it can operate for a long periods of time.

Lifespan: Depends on usage, can operate up to ten years without supply.

Refit Cycle: Because it's a ship that is cannibalized after landing on a ship, it has no refit cycle.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Hull: 40 Shields: 40 (Threshold 4)

Inside the Uga'nano

Compartment Layout

Command Centers

Living, Dining, and Recreational Areas

Crew Areas


Science or Medical Areas

Ship Systems Areas

Hanger Bays

Located along the forward edges are two connected hanger bays designed to hold the ships compliment of shuttles, but also, it's compliment of SEED landers.

Bay Dimensions

  • Length: 300 meters
  • Height: 130 meters
  • Width: 200 meters

Ship Systems


The ship is composed of a composite titanium metal that makes up almost ninety percent of the ships superstructure and hull.


Layered over the hull is a one inch thick plate of Crynatorium.


The ship is equipped with a single Lunabaren High-Energy Reactor and two Lunebaren Reactors. The high-energy reactor along with the two smaller reactors are often used as the colonies primary power generators, and later, can be removed from the ship and placed into their own dedicated power stations.


The Uga'nano is equipped with eight Crena Energy Engine. Six of these engines are located in the back of the ship, while two are located in the ships forward section.

Weapons Systems

Emergency Systems

The ship is equipped with a number of emergency systems, including blast shutters, fire suppression systems, and escape pods. However, because the ship was designed to be cannibalized, it is also capable of another feat that current Neshaten vessels can't do. In the event the rear section of the ship is compromised, then the forward section of the vessel can be detached.

Blast Shutters

The ship is equipped with blast shutters that protect the crew from boarding action or from sudden decompression. Places, such as the cryo-storage bays, have additional blast shutters.

Escape Pods

There are nearly two hundred and forty one standard escape pods capable of holding six people each.

Computer Systems

The Uga'nano uses a standard quantum computer for its computer systems, but there are multiple quantum computers layed into the system. This quantum computer can later be removed from the ship and used as a colony's main computer.


The Uga'nano uses a standard Neshaten Scanner Array Suite for its sensor systems.


The ship uses the Interactive Display Terminals as part of its onboard systems.

Vehicle Complement

This is the Uga'nano's compliment of vehicles.

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