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Age Group 12+
Educational Upper Primary
Previous Division Sh'ishen
Next Division I'oshen

An Ui'ishen is a title that relates to a Neshaten Kit whom has graduated from Sh'ishen and now undertaking more advanced primary classes, primary meant for Kits twelve years and older and is actually only used in very specific schools to be a separation point between lower primary and upper primary, this is usually done to spread student population out. What is taught in this grade division is fundamentally the same as that which is taught to Sh'ishen students in schools that don't have a Ui'ishen division level. Ui'ishen traditionally possess the smallest number of students.

In schools that have this level of education, students are often referred to as Ui'ishen students, but can still be referred to as Sh'ishen because what they are taught is exactly the same.

In their native language of Tinacen. Ui'ishen means 'Bright Child'.


The following table is a list of skills that are common-place amongst Ui'ishen students, however, unlike those in a military setting; these skills can be more openly defined by the player. Knowledge is always a required skill within the Neshaten. Players can also use the provided descriptions, or create their own.

Skill Description
Knowledge The kit is well versed in the knowledge appropriate for their age
Mathematics The kit is well versed in the mathematics appropriate for their age
Fighting Fighting is taught to Kits at a very young age, even before they start school. This kit would know how to defend themselves, and how to take down most people their age or slightly older without doing much harm.


Ui'ishen is still elementary, just split into its own division.

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