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Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals

Company Information
Established ER474
CEO Viz'lieun'varya He'uiasye
Employees 30001), 15002)
Main Station Nesha Prime (Planet)
Nomenclature ID VP

Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals, or VP Wing by those who work for S.A.M., is responsible for the manufacturing of Medical Drugs for disbursement across Drug Stores, Hospitals, and the volunteer navy of the Neshaten.

The Company was founded in ER 474 and was a generally neglected part of the company up until EE00 when Viz'lieun'varya He'uiasye took over as COO, She saw the potential that the subsidiary company had to bring to the table and decided to invest into the advancement of the company. Within the next two years the company


Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to prolonging your life, and eradicating the detrimental illnesses that can bring that life to an end. We stick true to our name, Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals is your cherished friend and we will always have your best interests at heart.


Created two years after the creation of the Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing company, VP was to be the leader in medical and enhancement drugs for the Kingdom of Neshaten. However, with an increase of want for weaponry and space ships S.A.M. instead focused their attention upon the development of those things. As such, while still remaining open, VP had little to no funding for several years.

In EE00 a young Daur, and current COO of S.A.M. took interest in the downsized company and decided to take over as the CEO of that company while working as the COO for S.A.M. This woman was named Viz'lieun'varya He'uiasye and she was a cutting edge entrepreneur. She saw potential in the company, and she put everything she had into starting it back up, and even convinced her father to give her an increased budget that allowed her to hire potential scientists and pharmacists to develop some of the drugs that have been used in Medical care in more recent times.

Within one year, VP was doubling the profits they started out with. The company was a wide spread success with many different drugs that aided both military and medical personnel a like. By the second year, VP was a company that could stand upon its own feet if they so desired to, but they stayed as a subsidiary to S.A.M. due to obligations between the CEO and the COO.


Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals is located on Nesha Prime (Planet), along with their leading company Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing. The main building is located 10 kilometers to the west of the primary trading hub of Kester. Although the main building is located in a remote area, outside of a city, they have smaller buildings located in at least every major city; including, but not limited to: Netoshen, Kester, Ram'tena, Ka'teneh'ae, Lewren-Vascen, Sereia, We'mena, Zui'tashe'ne, and May'nale.

While the main corporate facility houses the majority of their factories, and laboratories that develop and manufacture their products; the smaller buildings handle different things such as Public Relations with each city, Advertisement Campaigns, scouting of potential recruits, as well as handling grievances and problems in that city. So while the buildings are smaller, they are still relatively important to the overall makeup of Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals.

Important Figures

  • Viz'lieun'varya He'uiasye - CEO - Vi'lieun'varya was the only reason that after almost 30 years the Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals company spiked and began growing to the titan that it became in EE001. Since that point, Vi'lieun'varya He'uiasye has sat as the CEO and overseer over all the products that have come from VP.
  • Uri'itya Ika'esa - Head of Recreational Development - Uri'itya Ik'esa is a My'leke who joined the workforce of VP when they were still small in EE000, and has since shown to show exceptional promise in the fields of recreational drugs, having been the lead developer of many well known drugs that aided in several things which included the development of yu_mir, a conception aid for the Neshaten.
  • Kim'mie Dee'nais - Head of Military Development - Kim'mie is a relatively young Laibe, having served in the Youth Corp up until EE001 where she joined Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals at the age of thirteen. She showed intense promise in the fields of military grade drugs and was promoted to the Head of Military Development by EE002. She is known for heading and discovering the development of the Military Grade Drug; Vas'uhm'la'ri, the 'Iron Skin' drug.
  • Wil'yam Jun'yor'e - Head of Medical Development - Wil'yam is a young daur who joined Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals straight out of college, he has an intense knowledge of foliage and the uses that most plants have to medical procedures, both basic and combined into a drug. He is known for the development of the life saving; Ri'mir'vah, an extremely volatile drug mashed into paste form that can heal pretty much any form of injury on the go, even lost limbs. After discovering this in EE002 he was promoted to the Head of Medical Development, and has been there since.

Product Lines

As one might guess, Vi'cana Pharmaceuticals focuses on the development, optimization and dispersion of Recreational, Medical, and Military grade drugs that can be used for a variety of things.


Over the Counter




Reason Deposit Withdrawal T.a.T3) D.o.T4)
Start Up Funds - 50,000 Rn 50,000 Rn ER474
Development - Her'ki - 50,000 Rn 0 Rn ER495
Her'ki Income 100,000 Rn - 100,000 Rn ER495
S.A.M. Starting Funds 10,000,000 Rn - 10,100,000 Rn EE000
Development - Yu'mir - 300,000 Rn 9,800,000 Rn EE000
Year End Income 5,000,000 Rn - 14,800,000 Rn EE001
Development - Vas'uhm'la'ri - 700,000 Rn 14,100,000 Rn EE001
Year End Income 12,000,000 Rn - 26,1 00,000 Rn EE002
Development - Ri'mir'vah - 3,500,000 Rn 25,450,000 Rn EE002

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