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Neshaten Working Uniform

A uniform that Neshaten soldiers wear when on-duty.


Where as the formal uniform is used for formal occasions, the Working Uniform is used for work. This uniform is designed to be worn over the ABS, to give the wearer at least some protection from attacks when they aren't wearing heavier armor.

The uniform consists of a blood-red colored sweat pants along with the same colored sweat shirt. The reason being is because most areas of the Neshaten homeworld are cool, and that the temperatures onboard starships are often rather cold. Despite the use of the ABS to regulate the body’s temperature, the uniform still consists of what is listed. On the feet, soldiers wear a pair of military style boots with laces, the pants are tucked into the boots.

On the sweat shirts left sleeve is a soldier’s duty station armband, essentially an armband that has either the ships image etched into it, or their star base that they are assigned to. Along with the fleet or squadron, likewise, if they are serving onboard a starship it also will have their general duty station - be it 'Bridge Officer' 'Engineering Staff' 'Medical Staff' 'Pilot' or 'Infantry' or even 'Crew' which relates to soldiers whom are not part of the five listed important areas of the ship.

Naturally, this uniform can't be worn by the Myleke due to their obvious physical differences, so for the My'leke their working uniform consists of the ABS and a shawl that is worn around their necks, the shawl is also blood red, and likewise has their general duty station etched onto the left side.

As is accustomed, the armband and shawl can be easily removed, such as if a ship is boarded and the crews don't want enemies to know 'who' is 'who'.

This uniform also comes with a utility belt, which is used to carry tools or weapons.


The uniforms uses are related entirely to working in the environment; it's not designed to be used for formal gathering, but can be worn when not on duty. The uniform also doubles as a workout uniform as well. This uniform is rarely worn by pilots, however, as they prefer wearing the armored body suit instead just in case they have to sortie.

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