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Yuias'asge World War

Beginning: Before EB 587
Ending: Before EB 766
Outcome: Dissolution of the Nation of Suiasheas'eas, increased tensions between Laibe and My'leke
Location and Weapons used
Place: Hi'shen
Belligerent A: Nation of Suiasheas'eas
Belligerent B: Ui'assue Empire
Weapons Primarily Used: Ballistics and Energy
Belligerent A: 498,109,000 Total (Civilians), 283,100,002 (Military)
Belligerent B: 223,984 Total (Civilians) 98,299,122 (Military)
Part of the Kingdom of Neshaten Military History

The Yuias'asge World War is a near direct result of the Daur not being involved in the Shia'tre War, it is a war that occuried between the nations of the Ui'assue, which primarily had Daur as citizens and the Nation of Suiasheas'eas which was a Laibe only nation. The Ui'assue were located on a large island that made them rather vulnable to attack by both sea and air; the Suiasheas'eas took advantage of this fact and attacked the Ui'assue unprovoked in the early seasons of of 587 and succeeded in razing four cities to the ground and killing tens of thousands before the nation could adequetely respond to the attacks.

In an effort to keep the war going in their factor, the Suiasheas'eas attempted to use bio-weapons on the Ui'assue but traitors within their own military successfully sabotaged those weapons and rendered them inert. When the Ui'assue gained the upper hand, they drove the Suiasheas'eas off to the destroyed down of Jui, which had been the first town to be attacked by the Suiasheas'eas; from there the Suiasheas'eas fought a prolonged engagement for up to four years, with their army being resupplied both by sea and air. It took another four years for the Ui'assue to build up a navy that could challenge the one that the Suiasheas'eas were using to protect their supply lines and slowly the Ui'assue navy began to push the sea boundaries back and eventually, after an additional year, they were able to blockade the army at Jui and cause them to surrender.

The war didn't end there, however, the Suiasheas'eas still had a good 3/4th of their army on their home continent. The Ui'assue drove their navy to the Suiasheas'eas home continent where they landed in what the Suiasheas'eas felt was a rather non-strategic location, a place with high mountains, rivers, and forests that made it difficult to move land vehicles. This proved to be a mistkae by the Suiasheas'eas, as the Ui'assue were able to move their infantry nearly undisturbed and undetected through the vast - high ranging forests and them close to many of the Suiasheas'eas military bases unnoticed. Also due to the complacency of their enemy, the Ui'assue were able to position artillery units on the mountains which had a commanding view of nearly 38% of the continent. Limiting their attacks to military targets only, the Ui'assue launched their own assault which, in only a matter of days, resulted in the complete destruction of several air and ground bases and also a few sea base - as well as the peaceful taking of several civilian towns, although internal gurellia fighting was present for many seasons beyond.

After this surprise, the Suiasheas'eas improved upon their defences at other bases and cities, they lead to the war becoming very prolonged and drawn out; landing not just just days or seasons, but rather years. What was supposed to have been ended in only four years ended up going on for nearly three hundred years. By this time, technology had advanced significently - with both sides deploying advanced weaponry. When at the beginning of the war ballistics and kenetics were used, by the end of this war energy weapons were beginning to be fielded and the My'leke, who had served the Ui'assue as scouts, were first deployed as walking tanks.

In the winter season of 766, the Ui'assue - with the help of new weapons technology and their allies the My'leke - were able to push the war boundaries to the Suiasheas'eas capital. From there they surrounded the capital city, but the Suiasheas'eas weren't about to give up, mustering what little was left of their military and conscripting their civilian populace they were able to put up a decent defence.. even though the odds were stacked heavily against them.

In an effort to end the war for the good, the citizens of Ui'assue voted upon the use of the nations only orbital cannon which had been originally designed to strike out at space based objects such as asteroids but instead the weapon was turned against the Suiasheas'eas and fired. The weapons energy cannon succeeded in destroying the Suiasheas'eas's military headquarters and left the nation without any military leadership. Because of this, the command structure quickly broke down and the Suiasheas'eas surrendered unconditionally a few days later.

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