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Yukashane is a large slightly roundish and elongated fruit found on the Neshaten homeworld of Nesha Prime. It's favored by the Daur for its juicy flavor, but disliked by the My'leke for the same exact reason. The fruit is light orange with a bumpy exterior with red patches, while the interior is yellow with a webbing like material that is the source of the juice that the Daur adore. It takes two seasons to grow the fruit, and can be stored for up to eight seasons without risk of going sore, however, if the exterior becomes cracked, the juice will gradually dry out.

It's surface can be easily cracked either by biting into it, or, by cutting it open with a knife. While the fruit is tasty, it does have the side effect of causing a person to be a bit tipsy after awhile if they drink too much of the juice. It serves as a good way of 'loosening up' after a hard-day’s work.

The Yukashane fruit serves not only as a snack for the Daur, but is also used for medicine. It can also be sliced and boiled into chips, to form another kind of snack that is great with seasoning or sauce. When as a ship, it has a slightly salty taste to it, but this depends on the type of oil used to boil it.

Medicinal Usage

When the Yuka'shane is used for medicine, its effects are different. When it's ground up into a powder, it can be mixed in with water or some other liquid, and when ingested into the body, helps slow the body’s blood rate. This can be a good thing for a person who has a wound that is bleeding profusely and won't stop, although this powder won't stop the bleeding entirely, it'll slow it down enough to allow a person to treat the wound.

It should be warned that while this powder is good for slowing down the flow of blood, too much powder can easily kill.

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