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The Reds are a historic Nepleslian cultural group primarily associated with the ancient cloning factories of old Planet Nepleslia. While the Greens chose to work for or with the Uesureyan Star Empire and primarily served as soldiers for the Uesureyan war machine, the Reds rejected this in favor of personal freedom and engaged in many campaigns against the greens, despite typically being outnumbered and outgunned.

The OOC manager for the Reds is Wes.


The Reds, a political group that has existed (and fought the Greens) since the earliest days of the SARP, seek to preserve the old ways: they are big on cloning, war, species diversity, imperialism, shipbuilding, and deregulation. They do not like restrictive laws (especially on weapons) or species replacement (think Yamatai).

They possessed an enormous military-industrial base (including that of the temporarily allied Black Faction) and a significant portion of the population supports them throughout Nepleslia–the greens have historically been seen as oppressors of the Nepleslian population in general and Yamataian sympathizers due to their long history as working for the old Uesureyan Star Empire.

The old official government of the Reds (whose capital was New Detroit (which is now known as Funky City) was the Tymian Empire, whose major industrial complex was TD Electronics. Both Tymia and Uesureya were members of the United Empire Forces (UEF) Since then, the Uesureyan elite became the Yamatai Star Empire, which eventually took over the UEF by force in the years before YE 01.

The country used to be half and half, with the Greens submitting to the rule of the pre-Yamataians and the Reds rejecting it. Now the Greens have taken over everything and the Reds continue to fight for freedom against the Greens as they have for hundreds of years. Back in the day, Greens were primarily draftees and clones deployed to keep Nepleslia under Yamataian control. Some Reds have developed a “hate authority” type mentality over the years, centered on the Greens.

In YE 28, Nepleslians revolted and obtained independence from the Yamatai Star Empire. With Yamataian control taken away, the old conflicts between the Reds and the Greens flared up again, causing street wars to break out in Funky City. The greens took control of every star system but Kennewes.

In YE 29, the greens launched an offensive against Kennewes. The Reds formed their own fleet to counter the Star Army of Nepleslia, but it was mostly destroyed and then green began a genocidal purge against Reds. Nepleslia also banned cloning to prevent more Reds from being created.

Most surviving Reds fled to the protection of the Yamatai Star Empire to settle on planets like Fujiko and Rufusland where they worked in the mining industry, or went to become pirates in the United Outer Colonies after it broke away from the YSE in YE 30.

By YE 34 many did not consider them a significant political organization, however they have slowly been making a recovery.


The Reds remain a culture of old-style Nepleslians whose roots lie in the ancient cloning machines - they are bred to fight and pillage and have an individualist, generally anti-government culture that is materialistic and fatalistic.

Most of them are involved in arms manufacture, smuggling, piracy, mining, or salvaging these days. Basically not fighting the Greens anymore, just trying to make a living outside the system.

Reds see the Greens as wrongly putting themselves in charge of all of Nepleslia, and they especially hate the senate.

Red Fleet

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