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Section 6

Formed by Jack Pine in the YE 39 after operation Roach Motel on the planet Cavalon due to heavy casualties received from heavy enemy opposition. Jack left the Nepleslian military because he was tired of ordering good men to die on his order for some commander that didn't care about his men. He left that behind when it became only him and Zeke as the only two surviving members. After the events of “Roach Hotel” and being reminded of those years in the military, he decided to take steps to hopefully prevent the large number of casualties again. Section 6 was his answer, a division dedicated to improving the odds for OSO personnel in combat operations, as well as the lives of those living in the OSO. Their job is to help accelerate OSO expansion through upgrading and developing new tech, following the mandate, “Advance, Adapt, Overcome”.

More about Section 6

The sub-division which was technically part of the Sky Guard, was dedicated to furthering the expansion and advancement of the OSO. They have since gained independence, becoming an autonomous organization in mid-ye40.

  • Research and Development of new technologies as well as upgrades for existing equipment.
  • Development of new Tactics and Intelligence gathering methods.
  • Execution of high risk recon, intelligence, and covert operations.


Section 6 originally had six different department, thus the number six in it's name.

Advanced R&D/S6-AR&DD:

Advanced research and development geared towards experimental technology and equipment that may even be hazardous.


Just as the name implies, this department focuses on furthering everything from comm to circuits.

Fleet Development/S6-FDD:

They are responsible for all the new designs, upgrades, and parts that go into their ships. They also handle logistics for the S6 fleet.


Founded by Beaumont, this department handles all research and advancements in the fields of medical care. Everything from simple treatment methods, to ever advanced genetics work.


Essentially the special forces branch of Section 6. Troopers who have honed their skills through live combat, as well as handling rather hazardous situations. They can fight in most extremes thanks to the new gear the labs churn out. Using the latest, arms, armor, tactical equipment, and vehicles.


These technical and physics trained personnel are in charge of making sure everything designed in the labs can, and gets, built to spec. They handle everything from structures and starships, to the newest gear.


As the name implies, this department takes care of designing the latest offensive items, as well as run them through every trial possible. From weapon systems, whether for ships and infantry, to the munitions each fire.

Other Departments

Property Assets

Section 6 maintains a large facility 5km outside Osman City due west. A residential area sits in front of the facility and is a suburb style neighborhood made up of contemporary style homes made from shipping containers. A 100ft reinforced wall was later added around both and a four lane highway connects the property area to the city.


PCs and Important NPCs

Lord Jack Pine - NDC ruler (1 of 2)
Lord Mark Oaklen - NDC ruler (1 of 2)
Aster Blake - Section 6 Intern
Neera - Lab Assistant and Tactical Support
Brinjor Kimiya - IIS Liaison to Section 6 and USO
Rose Ironhart-Pine - Teacher, mother in law of Lord jack Pine
Fiamma Pouncer - First mate of the ISS-Brimstone
Jay Nagato - SSAF General
Agafya Sasha Irinushka - SSAF officer
Enri Sai - Geneticist
Isabelle Pine - Head Engineer
Sarah Pine - Sniper, SABER
Kessler Ryzka - Underground Operative
Researcher Nall'Tis Harmony Hulut Llamnel - Researcher
David Maverock - SSAF Trooper
Nyx Pine SABER N0-Initiate

Fleet Composition

S6-HCP-1A Omega Class Dreadnought(WIP): 1

  • S6S-Tarturus

Albion Super Carriers: 101)

  • S6S-Hammer
  • S6S-Anvil (Currently Grounded)
  • S6S-Sword
  • S6S-Shield
  • S6S-Armor
  • S6S-Sanctum
  • S6S-Armature
  • S6S-Heritage
  • S6S-Valiant
  • S6S-Defiant

S6-SS2 Scythe Cruiser: 22

  • S6S-Scarlet Shadow
  • S6S-Black Rose
  • S6S-Crusader's Cusp
  • S6S-Pathfinder
  • S6S-Spear
  • S6S-New Dawn
  • S6S-Horizon
  • S6S-Broadsider
  • S6S-Hellwind
  • S6S-Nyx
  • S6S-Whisper
  • S6S-Ressurection
  • S6S-Sarah
  • S6S-Titan
  • S6S-Arcos
  • S6S-Magelin
  • S6S-Emminence
  • S6S-Delta
  • S6S-Alpha
  • S6S-Bravo
  • S6S-Charlie
  • S6S-Sundered Rose

S6-SS1 Heavy Frigates: 41

  • S6S-Vortex
  • S6S-Battle's Embrace
  • S6S-Singularity
  • S6S-Lucky Jester
  • S6S-FMJ
  • S6S-Phoenix
  • S6S-Lingering Scar
  • S6S-Raven
  • S6S-Revenant
  • S6S-Dawn's Light
  • S6S-Liberator
  • S6S-Wicked Saber
  • S6S-Event Horizon
  • S6S-Unknown Entity
  • S6S-Oracle
  • S6S-Lickety Split
  • S6S-Tasuki
  • S6S-Black Dragon
  • S6S-Osman
  • S6S-Hellraiser
  • S6S-Banshee
  • S6S-Beaumont
  • S6S-Wraith
  • S6S-Dirge
  • S6S-Cutlass
  • S6S-Oak
  • S6S-Cyprus
  • S6S-Amit
  • S6S-Paramour
  • S6S-Paragon
  • S6S-Fenrir
  • S6S-Joker
  • S6S-Raven
  • S6S-Lexicon
  • S6S-Vecta
  • S6S-Vega
  • S6S-Orion
  • S6S-Zeus
  • S6S-Vector
  • S6S-Koroleva
  • S6S-Raven














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9 with the anvil grounded

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