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Separa'Shan History

This page contains historical notes on the Separa'Shan.

A New beginning

A long time ago there was a doomed race sent out a probe containing highly intelligent nanomachines that were to terraform the new ideal world and then integrate themselves as the continuation of their race.

The probe crash-landed on the world Essia, a rocky barren world with very little life on the planet. Terraforming began right away to recreate conditions of its ideal homeworld, a tropical paradise. The terraforming went smoothly until the nanomachines began to integrate the DNA of the previous race into themselves and began to have melted humanoids. The problem the machines theorized could have been the race was not compatible with the specific conditions of the world, or the DNA itself was corrupt in some way. Regardless they needed a way to integrate themselves, and did so by combining the DNA samples with various lifeforms until one worked out creating the snake-human hybrid, Separa'Shan.

The remaining nanomachines created a small temple-like room to house the probe and hide it away from the newly created race to prevent cultural contamination as part of the plan to advance the race to the space age when the time was right. The nanomachines themselves either integrated with the new race or merged with the probe's computer and destroyed the machine body. The probe remained hidden for about a thousand years waiting to be discovered by the new race ten thousand years from creation so the race would be ready to create their own Eden.

Survival of a new Race

The first Separa'Shan traveled to far reaches of the world and after two generations formed tribal societies roaming the land and coming in conflict with other tribes. The tribes eventually began developing skills that were specific to each, and knowledge became an important commodity, however knowledge alone doesn't protect the family or keep them warm. Ressala was the first settlement created by a clever tribe that lived in between a few other tribes and acted as the in-between for the trade between tribes.

Birth of Nagashun

It was sooner than expected however as an earthquake uncovered some of the temple allowing some Separa'shan to find and enter the temple. The probe reactivated as they approached and computer realized it was much too early and used its holographic projector to create an image of a Separa woman claiming to be their god, and was believed by those who found it. The holographic god called itself Nagashun, the mother of the race.

The Probe did not want to get itself involved as it calculated it had enough energy to live for about five thousand years of constant use and therefore attempted to keep a hands-off approach. They were informed after 3 years of discovery however that wars outside the temple were breaking out among their believers, causing the computer to re-evaluate the plan. It began to teach the Separa'shan around it how to create and sustain a civilization. It later formed its own enclave of priests that would be trusted to know the truth behind Nagashun and carry out their plan in a more organized fashion.

Only a select few knew the truth about what Nagashun was, the High Priest and a small group of important priests. Because of the advanced knowledge of the probe, the priests began to establish centers of learning and knowledge where Separa'shan could come to learn much about the world. Cities began to form around theese centers of education and the Separa'shan began to flourish all across Essia.

The original religion that was about spirits controlling the elements was eventually overtaken by the Way of Nagashun. The Way of Nagashun saw her as the mother the race, but later took on something more complex dealing with lesser gods of various personalities responsible for various professions of everyday life.

War on Essia was mostly a Trade War. While each city was governed by its own people, it was the traders that make the most business and even allow some cities to thrive because of good trading location. Therefore cities are more influenced by merchant groups to fight other traders, or other cities that disrupt their ability to trade depending on the circumstances and how power hungry the current leader was. The priests created their own military force called the Templar to protect important caravans so specific cities could prosper and further Nagashun's plan of the perfect world that would balance technology and nature. There were many wars on Essia right up to its discovery by Yamatai.

Discovery by Yamatai

First Contact was made by the YSS Celia in YE 29. Nagashun realized that she could use the Star Empire of Yamatai to boost her people into the space age and Essia quickly joined the Empire. In YE 29, the former high priest was replaced by Issus who had been sent by Nagashun to investigate Yamatai. There are some rumors that Issus and Emperor Uesu came to a secret agreement involving his disappearance. He is young and a very forward-thinking leader who guided the changes the next decade would bring.

The Years of Change

For many Separa'shan who lived in the Jungles, things did not seem to change instantly. The biggest change at first was that all of the centers of learning established by the priesthood included information about Yamatai in their databanks and classes began to include the history of the empire they were now a part of. Issus also began to let small numbers of Separa'Shan leave Essia after ensuring that they would be ready for what they experienced.

A conclave of the twelve largest city-states was formed with the high priest as the leader. Each city-state decided on their own how to send someone to the Conclave. The Conclave's goal was to present a united face to the rest of the Galaxy. While there were two wars in YE 30 and YE 32, both of them were relatively small.

Essia began their experimentation with spaceflight. While it would have been possible for them to use Yamatai's technical prowess, the Conclave decided to pursue their own space program. While they used the technical knowledge of Yamatai, the flight of their first ship in YE 33 marked the point where they steady trickle of Separa'Shan leaving Essia for the wider universe turned into a flood.

Separa'shan had long been traders and explorers. Not all of Essia had been explored or fully colonized by the Separa before YE 29. The advanced medicine and farming techniques meant that Essia was also undergoing a population explosion. Many young Separa'Shan took advantage of subsidies offered by the Conclave to purchase ships of all kinds. Between YE 33 and YE 40, Separa'Shan traders and explorers contacted over a dozen other space-faring races and began to open up trade routes with them. They also created trade ties not just with the other planets in Yamatai, but also with Neplesia, Abwehran, Iromakuanhe, Hidden Sun Clan, and Nateshen. Due to the amount of Trade passing through the Essia system, the Essia Monetary Exchange was established to help traders obtain the currency they needed.

In YE 34, Yamatai built a frontier Starport on Essia. It was named Fort Chen, after Henry Chen. A small squadron of ships was based out of there, providing the only Star Army presence in the System.

In YE 36, the push to begin colonizing Ssinisa, the other planet in the Essia system began. While communications satellites had been placed, it was determined that they needed a much more robust system that Emrys Satellites could provide. Senator Sersilin also began to move towards arming the EDF and the Templar with modern weapons.

Invasion by Kuvexia

In the middle of YE 40, Essia was invaded by Kuvexia. There was a great battle between the Seventh Fleet and the Kuvexian invaders in the orbit of Essia. However, it was a trap, forcing the Seventh Fleet to retreat, heavily damaged. Afterwards, Essia formally surrendered to Kuvexia.

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