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Separa'shan Culture

General Information

On the homeworld there are many different customs and traditions depending on which part of the world your on, only constant would be the religion.



The Separa make some of the best pottery, made sturdy to even resist breaking if they fell. Not only that but they are typically adorned by story of images, unskilled makers would probably write the story how they made the pot while the most awesome makers write stories about the gods, or of a major event that inspired the work in the first place.


Many rich minerals populate the homeplanet and are crafted to make jewelery.


Since clothing is made by hand, many give their clothing an artistic touch by making it seem lively and colorful with patterns typically representing the world or the gods.


Trade is done by coin, but bartering isn't too uncommon either. In fact the Separa enjoy bargains, and some think of haggling as a pastime.




Separa Law is lenient to local disputes but harsh when it comes to harm to the young or infractions of religion and ritual. Local disbutes are typically diffuse themselves, with any applicable punishment falling in line with the crime though is not very common since the Separa would rather bargen and haggle the punishment. Local disputes basically becomes who is the better speaker, and because law enforcement is typically Separa with less education than that of civilians, the dispute eventually deals with itself. The Enforcer however acts as a mediatary during this conflicts making his role important to the dispute's eventual dissipation.

When rituals are disturbed, or if a youngling was eaten, killed, or maimed by another Separa, an even harsher punishment is enforced. The punishment is typically torture or the removal of body parts depending on how sever the crime is but is never death. Disturbing rituals however could mean solitary confinement for years, or simply exile.

There is also a death penalty who wage war without the consent of the God of War, however this generally applies only to non-believers as typically believers will get off with a harsh penalty instead.


There are many small city states that are viaing for control, but lords that wish to commence an attack must first meet with approval of a Priest and the will of the God of War before doing so otherwise harsh penalties may come upon the eager warlord. There are factions who do not care for such a control over war by the gods and attack whenever they will. It is generally believed that those who do not seek the blessing of the gods will be smitten.


The Separa'shan believe primarily in Separa'shan Religion.

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