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Separa'Shan Racial Divide

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The Separa'Shan are divided into two different racial types, the


The Venis is their word for the venom clan or those descended from venomous snakes. The Venis take a more snake like appearence with scales covering the entire body with tan like scales covering the chest to the tip of the tail. They once had a very spotty time in history for almost making themselves extinct due to a few very aggressive clan members possessing very strong toxins. After a few years of fighting themselves, a single group finally regained control of their clan and issued a law to all members to begin conditioning themselves to become less emotional so that their aggressive tendencies will not cause planet wide destruction, or at least have self control.


Pythus is the clan descended from the powerful constrictor snakes such as the anaconda, boa, and pythons. The Pythus are more human in appearance (sometimes with scale-like skin that are not scales but look like it) from the torso and upward. Unlike Venis the Pythus embrace their emotions though this could be also because they lack a toxin that removes them responsibility with power. There was a dictator like Pythus a few years before the coming of Nagashun, his name was Spartas'shan and had his men control key trade routes for 10 years before followers of Nagashun began protecting traders.

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