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SC Agent

This is a Stub for a weapon to be used solely for plot. Will be appended as details are ICly revealed in RP.

The Selective Consumption Agent, or SC Agent, is a product being devised by the Tachibana Clan. While their exact aims with the material are not known, one can surmise a rough idea of their intentions due to their extreme Neko Supremacist beliefs. There are multiple compounds of SC Agent made in test batches, which will be revealed in RP as they are developed.

The compounds are nanite-based, and can identify and consume the cells of races pre-programmed as targets into their system. Often they leave a skeleton with no trace of blood, flesh, bone marrow, or internal organs. The skeleton remains clothed in the process, giving a very disturbing effect. The process takes different lengths of time, but is generally swift. The nanites use the consumed material to replicate, and seek out others to consume. The nanites are designed to leave a residue as a byproduct designed to make doctors look for an organic illness as the cause of this disease.



The first viable SCA variant was uncovered when Project THOUGHT's Test Team One encountered a Nepleslian skeleton in a medical containment cell filled with the material. When the cell was destroyed, some nanites stayed on the surface of the LAMIA Kai as well as in the bone marrow cavities of a sample bone that was retrieved, and were successfully identified as inorganic when they survived in vaccuum and remained active.

SCA 04 is not the first build of SC Agent, but it was the first to successfully distinguish NH-series bodies from other races and avoid causing them harm. It will not harm plants or more primitive animal life; but it will consume most forms of sentient life aside from NH-22C Yamataian, Nekovalkyrja, Mishhuvurthyar and Neko/Mishhu hybrids. While potentially effective, they are prone to detection and are not specific enough in their targeting to be selected as the final SC Agent version. They are known to be vulnerable to CFS and electromagnetic pulse.


The second viable SCA variant, details forthcoming.

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