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The Chain

The Chain is a new and relitaverly dangerous gang in Funky City. It is dangerous not due to its size or wealth, but because of its members near fanatical loyalty to its leader: Chai. Chai is a young, extremely charismatic and utterly ruthless leader, who found it easy to gather other criminals, and several people who were not previously criminals, and invoke fanatical loyalty in them. With this small group he entered the underworld and has been reasonably succesfull. mostly in the arms buisness and extortion/assasinations. Chai is intelligant enough to keep them off the radar, but now with the drug war and disruption it's causing, even though Chai is not directly linked to drugs, his is planning on using the chaos to spread his own plangs, at least in part by 'eliminating the competition'.

The group that follows Chai usually calls itself 'The Chain' with an emphasis on the 'Chai', or more rarely used and usually only in near religious fervour 'Heralds of Chaios'. Every member of 'The Chain' has a chain necklace, and tend to dress in black and spike their hair. Their weapon of choice is a long barbed chain with a hook at the end, although they'll more usualy use the weapons they deal in, which tend to be better than the average gang's arsenal.

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