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The Irregulars

The Irregulars were once an organization of full conversion cyborg soldiers that fought on their own freelance ideological terms. Among their ranks were warriors that would be considered legendary if their exploits were recorded. Each Irregular has been fighting for at least fifty years or more in the various conflicts that engulfed Nepleslia.


The Irregulars were originally called the Metal Ascendancy, naming themselves after the cybernetic experimental project of The Forge. The Irregulars members were also absorbed from the Angel Returners, Kashmere Korrupts, and Mistic Metals.

During the war between the Nepleslian Reds and the Greens several soldiers which had been wounded during the conflict were selected by The Forge to participate in the Metal Ascendancy project. At the time they fought for their respective faction for ten years until the never ending war caused them to begin rethinking their allegiances. After many disastrous campaigns the Metal Ascendancy decided to separate from the Greens and become more independent by working only contractually agreed battles. Ironically the Angel Returners which had become the Nepleslian Reds own group had taken the same route, a move possibly caused by the two groups mutual links to The Forge. For the next twenty years the two factions would battle each other on the field in representation of their contracted force. Eventually splinter cells would develop before becoming their own factions. These splinter organizations were purely mercenary in that they did not fight exclusively for either side. After ten more years of this fighting the two main factions determined that the war had been going on for so long despite their involvement that a new course would have to be taken. The two color exclusive factions eventually met and discussed a unity among metal bretheren. Over the next five years they worked towards gathering all of The Forge's experimental 'children' as some of the doctors and scientists had called them. The splinter cells resisted for a while along with certain holdouts from each side. The infighting became fierce but unity was finally achieved at some cost. With their forces consolidated they began to determine how best to apply their abilities. Contracts from both sides continued to be offered but the cyborgs became more finnicky about the missions they chose during this period. This made the more human factions of the Reds and Greens irritated with them and would come back to haunt the Irregulars later.

Regrouped into the Metal Ascendancy, they decided to rather than kill other humans, they would defend humanity from outside sources. The raids by the Vordachibean made that clear that there were still external threats in the galaxy. However the notion of superiority over humans had not left some of the cyborgs and during a lull in the fighting with the Vordachibean some members decided that they should subjugate the humans for their protection. Terrorist acts against humans began to occur, mostly aimed at the 'defective leadership' that had been unable to bring an end to the war. These assassinations brought great distress to all sides and at first it was thought that these were being caused by an external group. In reality it was members within the Metal Ascendancy themselves. Loyalties became tested and unities crumbled until there was a full on internal cyborg civil war. The conflict lasted for a year resulting in the massacre of some of the most oldest members. The surviving members had in the end defended humanity from themselves but there was a massive stain on their consciences. Unsure of what to do some of them drifted away while a core group continued to strive to find answers.

Eventually The Forge would again bring a new direction to the cyborgs. The ability to reproduce naturally had long been lost once each member participated in the Metal Ascendancy Project. However the scientists had preserved the reproductive organs of each member who still had some during their induction. Those whose had been damaged prior had DNA extracts taken. The Forge proposed that they all procreate and raise children with each other. Many of the cyborgs had developed relationships with each other although they were all based on camaraderie, combat, and deep friendships. This was a whole new step upon which success was uncertain but the cyborgs trusted The Forge and decided to attempt it. As a result several couples formed and shared their DNA with each other. The Forge grew each child in laboratories while allowing each cyborg access and attempting to simulate the real effects of pregnancy remotely. It was difficult for all the female members because they had been so used to fighting at full potential all their lives.

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