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The Order

The Order was founded in early YE 27 as a small, cobbled together pirate's guild. Piracy was in its prime with war running rampant, meaning the majority of the military forces at the time were too focused on their enemies. This allowed The Order to quite literally go about their business, operating under shroud and stealth, hitting outlying trade, and supply lanes. They stole everything from the vessels they hit, even taking the crew captives as slaves…that is if any were left alive. The Order always operated under a veil of secrecy, using a “Trojan Horse” tactic as it were. Use the ships they'd captured, doctoring registries for the ships, and even changing fleet logos and emblems if need be, and lull their prey into a false sense of security before striking. By the year YE 28 The Order grew from a scant few, to a larger force as more joined their cause, or other pirate groupings and clans were absorbed, forcibly or otherwise. With the wars escalating, The Order's presence dropped off, knowing full well to let the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) win would be to invite disaster on themselves, so they left the supply lines alone. The Order did however take this time to shore up, and organize themselves, preparing, training, spying, forming connections in the criminal underground.

During these days The Order gained some notoriety, but things began to slip off…and fall apart. The ruling council of The Order became too corrupt, too lazy, and above all else, careless. One of their up and coming commanders had an audience with the council, however… things did not go as planned. The commander assassinated the council, and took the reins of The Order, the name the commander goes by is An'ei a mystery to all those who are under An'ei's thumb. Once An'ei took command, An'ei began to send small warbands out once more, striking in a random and erratic fashion. This was maintained until YE 29 when the war between the Star Army of Yamatai and Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) reached its crescendo. Salvage was abundant from all these past battles, going un-noticed for the most part. An'ei ordered that salvageable ships, and any useful materials be brought in, repaired and tuned to suit their needs. When YE 30 rolled around, and with the emergence of the United Outer Colonies. a fledgling nation…and with fleet downsizing by the Star Army of Yamatai and policies instituted by them… these two were ripe for the picking. Nepleslia had always been a target, as had the Elysians, no one was safe from The Order beyond the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX), but the bulk of their forces appeared to have simply…vanished, and what remained was no where to be found. Meaning? The known galaxy was The Order's oyster.


There is no one set dress code within The Order. However, as with all known cultures, the birthday suit thing does not fly. Uniforms are not standard, but pieces of them have been known to float around from time to time on one's person as a badge of honor, and as a trophy.

Personal Weapons

Personal weaponry is one of the staples of The Order. Once again, weaponry is not uniform. However, concealable weapons are beloved. With the wide variety of hand held weapons on the market, and black markets, members of The Order have a very wide selection. The majority also keep melee weapons on their persons for “knife work”.


Ships within The Order are specialized, refitted to suit individual, or group roles. Small craft like the Yui are modified to include more powerful weapon systems to make them the backbone of any attacking force, should The Order ever need to do so. Making them small, fast, and powerful for those quick and clean surgical strikes. Most if not all ships of The Order have a “Middle Eastern feel to them in name” someone from the NDI once described having encountered two of their ships previously in battle.


Main Force
  • 6x Huge Chunks of Yamataium
  • 1x Intact Ship Size Aether Generator (Used aboard The Rezalitan)
  • 1x Mishhuvurthyar Quantum Computer (Used aboard The Rezalitan)
  • 1x Ke-T2 “Kitty” Shuttle (Currently Undergoing repairs)
  • 1x Blast Shutter, Diamond Composite (In storage)
Automated Forces

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