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History of Tsenlan and the Norian People

The History of the Norians of Tsenlan, a state of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Pre-Contact - The Falcon Movement

???-YE 02

The Rise of Caecyan 'The Falcon Emperor' Eitan was the first era of a one-government world, according to historians Caecyan unified Noria with the promise they would uncover the secrets of technology that had been uncovered by archeologists of an ancient race that had once occupied their homeworld. This began the course of a very accelerated leap through the technology tree for them. One of the first technologies that they sought to understand was mysterious GATEs that had been left behind. Finally, those secrets were unraveled which opened Noria up to the stars. Worlds like Lorenz, Aetlantia, Telegath, Dysteria, and even Ayenee opened up to them. Their first steps beyond their homeworld were through these portals, rather than through space exploration. Eventually, each of the worlds accessible to them was colonized, and brave pioneers from Noria constructed settlements and accepted the gratitude of Caecyan and the then-growing Eitan Ysi1).

Further understanding of the ancient technology led to the discovery of GATES that led to even more worlds and to space. Translations of ancient texts provided the technical understanding for the construction of Starships, fusion power, life support systems, and other technologies that were required. The understanding of their region of space known as the Yirune Arm, further developed into transit that did not use the GATE system. The world of Ayenee however was deemed mysterious because they could not find it during their exploration of local space, it created intrigue among those within the science communities which had set out for the nathaul(knowledge) behind this mystery.

The Dysterian War/Civil War

Approximently YE 01.

Shortly after the first pioneers left for Ayenee, the new colony on Dysteria attempted to declare independence. The leadership of the Norian nation under Emperor Caecyan immediately sent troops to put an end to the attempted division from their government. Thousands of those from all the Norian world paid the price of this civil war with their lives. During this time weapons research, drawing nathaul from more ancient sources led to the creation of weapons of mass destruction. A series of nuclear weapons were used to attack Dysteria wiping the colony and its resistance out of existence.

Space Race and the Colonization of Ayenee

YE 02 to YE 21

Following the destruction of Dysteria, Emperor Caecyan abdicated the throne to his second eldest son, Adrin Eitan. Adrin was very interested in Ayenee, he had made several trips there with early pioneers and had begun to understand the very complex interactions and conflicts between various Kingdoms and Empires on the surface. Further research eventually found that the reason Ayenee had not been found during their exploration of local space in the Yirune arm of their galaxy was that it existed in a universe outside of their own. Adrin invested huge amounts of resources in setting up settlements and warring with local factions. It was not long before Noria controlled half of one of the major continents on the planet.

The first other space-faring group that the Norians had contact with was the Nerimian Defense Initiative (NDI), which also had assets on Ayenee and in its surrounding space. Later, they were introduced to one of the NDI's allies the Uesureyan Star Empire, which later would become the Yamatai Star Empire. These new allies and the newly declared Norian Galactic Empire under Adrin would begin a dialog, share technology and eventually participate as allies in the Chaos Hive War.

Following the war, however, the Norian Galactic Empire shockingly pulled most of their resources from Ayenee as the development of the inner capital worlds of Noria, Lorenz, Aelantia, and Telegath took priority. The remaining colony in the Surrune region of Ayenee was pretty much left to its own devices as its home nation turned inward upon itself.

Some Norians would eventually immigrate to the Uesureyan Star Empire/Yamatai Star Empire after the war ended.

Umarian Wars

YE 25 to YE 30

The Norian Galactic Empire would become known as the Norian Continuum under the leadership of Emperor Adrin Eitan. Adrin was certain the ancients had left behind more mysteries and greater technologies for them to unravel. Several years after the Chaos Hive War a facility belonging to the ancients was uncovered in the Vespen System on the frontiers of the Yirune Arm. It was there that Norian scientists and military leaders discovered texts which spoke of another ancient collective of races called the Umarian Astral Raquamothla (UAR). It spoke of a great war between the ancient civilization the Norians had researched for decades and the UAR. The conclusion of that war was the defeat of the UAR and that they had been preserved in stasis on the living ships called leviathans.

The Continuum Star Navy combed through the recesses of the Yirune Arm and eventually found the place where the Umarian Astral Raquamothla's last fleet had been hidden and preserved. The Norian Continuum was ambitious to further reverse engineer and understand the old and mysterious technologies. They were able to discover in-depth procedures to grow Leviathans as well as manipulate their genetic data for multiple uses including the development of advanced biological computers called Mindhives.

One of the most dangerous new technologies uncovered was the dimensional siphoning of a highly charged plasma called Asune, which for the most part was very similar to Aether. The initial research and use of the technology were done onboard the sleeping Umarian vessels. Unfortunately, the activation of several power sources led to the waking of highly diverse people. The main Leviathan, a moon-sized living vessel by the name of Yugosha Chonyosa was the first to awaken from its slumber. Its diverse crew of humanoid, insectoid, and other collectives of never seen before species was rapid and quickly overwhelmed the Continuum's researchers and military presence. It eventually reached a destructive climatic moment when the Umarian onboard, named Lao'Taun was brought out of stasis. The Umarians drove the Continuum out, killing many in the process.

The Umarians were hostile, driven by the desire to dominate yet they attempted to deliver a vital message that was never understood. The access to Asune's power was one that had to be undertaken with responsibility for unlike the dimension in which Aether was drawn, Asune was drawn from a dimension which was inhabited by other creatures. The Umarians claimed these creatures were from the void, a dark dimension rumored to exist between the darkness of the stars where a never-ending war was and would take place for all of eternity. The Continuum dismissed the Umarian claims and three decades, interrupted by three short eras of cease-fire followed which were classified as the First, Second and Third Umarian Wars.

The Fall of Emperor Adrin Eitan

YE 30

During the Third Umarian War, Emperor Adrin Eitan was captured by Lao'Taun and held on the mighty Leviathan Yugosha Chonyosa. It left Noria without a leader, as that at some point before the Umarian Wars had started the sons and daughters of Adrin had been placed in exile. Rumors were that Adrin had become paranoid of his own potential heirs and had sent them to Ayenee as outcasts. A small group of Admirals from the Continuum Star Navy went to Ayenee following Adrin's capture, and were able to locate his second eldest son, Airwin who had also taken on the name Tetsuya during his time outside of the Norian Continuum. Airwin was brought back and declared Emperor, but the war was not going in their favor. The Umarians occupied all of their capital worlds.

Airwin ordered the flag officers of the Continuum Star Navy to come up with a solution for the Umarian problem. It was then decided that their technological deep dive into Leviathan and Asune technology would be put into full force within their fleets. Little did they know, this tremendous power that would win them the war would become a pandora's box which they should have never opened. Airwin and the people of the Norian Continuum celebrated their victory ignorant of what horrible things they had unleashed upon themselves.

Void Wars

YE 31 to YE 40

Following the Umarian Wars, the Norian Continuum deployed Leviathan and Asune technology in every application they could. The signs they had unleashed more than just perceived limitless power became evident slowly. Sightings of terrifying creatures of various types, sizes, and abilities became more and more numerous. Eventually, there was a tipping point and the creatures began to attack. They were driven by a desire to feed and consume and it was not long before the Continuum Star Navy had made the incorrect assumption that they were up against an enemy of just mindless, hunger-driven monstrosities.

Even when scientists discovered the linkage between Asune power and the creatures that grew more numerous in number and type every day, it was ignored and dismissed. The power of this dimensionally siphoned energy gave them an edge over every other faction in their local galaxy, it had created vessels capable of transit between universes and it had brought comfort and progress to the living conditions on their worlds following the Umarian invasions.

The Tainted

The ignorance of the Norian Continuum, its military, and its leadership as a whole had missed the fact that intelligence, collaboration, and purpose existed within the creatures that had emerged from the void dimension. It was already too late before it was discovered the members of their own government including their Emperor Airwin Eitan had been tainted by these creatures. It was like an intelligent parasitic infection that swept through the ranks of the government and military and took over their nation without firing a single shot.

The creatures although very diverse worked upon the desire to consume, indulge, assimilate, and destroy. It was not until one of Emperor Airwin's daughters, Princess Aerum Eitan who had escaped the taint while being on Ayenee discovered that a special energy pulse extracted from yet another dimension, called a Masamune wave could be used to close the rifts to the asune void ending the taint over the continuum's people and technology.

Unfortunately, even after the crisis was resolved and the void war was considered over, the exploitation of asune energy continued which led to the research and development of many asune technologies across the Norian Continuum.

Craethel War and The Declaration of Null

YE 40 to YE 44

The Norian Continuum expanded to encompass over one hundred and twenty-two star systems spread across their home galaxy. Their technology continued to expand and deploy Leviathan and Asune technology to a deadly and unmatched plateau. Their region was unchallenged, they enslaved entire other species and spread their influence across the Chrystalis Universe. The remains of the Umarian Astral Raquamotla even surrendered and submitted to their seemingly unlimited power.

Emperor Airwin Eitan married Empress Sinith Caeyara and the Norian Continuum became the Minatu Empire. Their power went unchecked and unquestioned until contact with an unknown species, which they would come to call the Craethel was made on the frontiers of their known space. It began with skirmishes outside of the core of the Empire and slowly gained in frequency and potency. The Craethel did not show themselves to their new enemy, nor did they take worlds into their possession. The Craethel method of victory was something the Norians had never encountered before; the absolute destruction of planets.

Telegath was the first capital world to be destroyed, with over a trillion souls lost in a single hour. The Norian perception of their own invincibility and potency fell foul and suddenly they were up against an enemy they knew nothing about. An enemy that refused to show itself, refused to communicate with them and soaked even their strongest weapons without a scratch. It was not long before the Craethel had even begun to manipulate the Minatu Empire Royal Navy's (MERN) reliance on Asune, causing rift breaches and a resurfacing of the creatures which had fed upon them during the void wars.

The MERN tried countless strategies and worked to develop new weapons and defenses but it did little to stop the Craethel which surged across the frontiers of their known space. Even the brightest minds of the Yaducath Intelligence Agency failed to produce any new intelligence on their enemy save for a discovery that the Craethel had come from another universe and worshiped a leader named Morggho.

The final year of the war, YE 44, brought the destruction of every single capital world of the Minatu Empire. Trillions upon trillions had been slaughtered and very few were even recoverable through the IDE (Integrated Digital Essence) technology, which is similar to the Soul Transfer technology of the Yamatai Star Empire. The planets where the backups were destroyed.

Following the destruction of their prime world, Noria, and the death of Empress Sinith Caeyara the remaining colonies were not destroyed, and survivors from the Capital Worlds were placed on colony ships and led by Emperor Airwin Caeyara to the Avaen Universe. Airwin made a declaration that the Norian Calendar would reset to zero following the destruction of Noria.

New Noria and Another Fall

In YE 44, the survivors of the Minatu Empire found a colony in a Noria-like system which they called New Noria. Unfortunately, before the early steps of colonization could take place, the Craethel followed once more and damaged the sun of the system during a violent attack. The New Noria sun exploded and their new chance at a home slipped through their fingers. The survivor fleet made its way to Ayenee in hopes of finding reprieve, and Emperor Airwin Caeyara revealed to them his vision of a new home in a universe far from where they had come, a place where the Craethel would never find them. It would be called the visions of Tsenlan. 2)

Visions of Tsenlan

YE 44.7

The survivors would arrive in the Kagami Galaxy, just north of the Kikyo Sector. Emperor Airwin Eitan would follow the words of his father Adrin, that their old allies the Yamatai Star Empire would help them. Airwin would travel to Star Army Command in Kyoto to meet with Taisho Ketsurui Yui to ask for assistance and to build a new home for the norians as a state of the Yamatai Star Empire.3)

With the declining humanitarian situation on the MERN's colony ships, and the failure of technologies not compatible in the SARPiverse the people of Noria would have a long hard road ahead.

Operation Fireplace

The Arrival of the Norians in YE 44.7 was highlighted by the response of the Star Army of Yamatai, the Senti, the New Dusk Conclave, and the crew of the ISS Sobek to the distress of the Survivor Fleet. The involved parties assisted with the extraction and transport of survivors on the Arks to Pisces Station. The combined forces also faced an Asune Dimensional Entity named Bathosar, who had decided to seek vengeance on the Caeyara Ysi for their escape from their home universe. After the successful defeat of Bathosar, the operation has declared a success4).

In the aftermath of Operation Fireplace, the Tsenlan-Yamatai Articles Of Statehood was drafted which made Tsenlan a state of the Yamatai Star Empire5). It was decided that the permanent home would be built in the Akina System.

The Funeral of Sinith Caeyara I

In YE 44.9, the Tsenlan people finally got their chance to grieve and celebrate the life of their fallen Aester 6). Meetings followed the funeral, where Airwin Caeyara awarded Shosa Alastair Belmont for his role in protecting Tal'Cel Aelya Caeyara from the actions of a rouge MERN soldier.7). Following the meeting, Airwin Caeyara had an emotional breakdown over the loss of Sinith in front of his daughters Arina Caeyara and Naelui.

Postcards from Ayenee

Currently in Progress.

OOC Notes

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Just some more notes

Many of our roleplays were lost when our site was hacked, so this page is completed by the memory of the major events in the history of the Norian people. The Norians were first introduced in Ayenee and Yahoo! Chat sometime around October 1997. Their national identity, technology, and development have gone through several transformations and versions over the years, on sites that no longer exist which makes it hard to reference some of their histories. This however will serve the best we can manage for the SARPiverse.

Keep in mind there may be some mentions of Magic, regard it in the context of history and understand that the Norians going forward in the SARPiverse have been adapted to best fit the setting and its rules. The timeline as it will be described below will revolve around the point of first contact with the Uesureyan Star Empire during the Chaos Hive War which is relatively thought to have occurred around YE 21.

Keep in mind this history was roleplayed out, not just a story that is being written here. This is the best attempt at the summary for over twenty years of roleplaying history for Tsenlan.

This was approved by Wes in this thread.

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