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Fair Work Compensation Act

This legislation is still being discussed on the UOC Assembly floor.


All persons and beings working within the borders of the United Outer Colonies should be provided just compensation for their work no matter how menial. A person should have the right to chose to leave unfavorable conditions of employment for higher pay or better condition of living.


1) To establish contractual employment for all persons and beings within the territories of the United outer Colonies, in which, the employer and employee amiably agree to a term of service (with a definitive start and a possible end) and a form of payment- monetary or otherwise.

2) Provide all persons and beings with pay or other compensation for any work that they do, except: when they have volunteered to do that work as a free service to another person or the state. i.e. Giving someone a pie or helping someone clean-up. Not including previous forms of servitude.

3) Defining compensation as a paying salary or goods/services to that person. For example: a person working in bakery opting not to receive a currency payment from their employer may get compensated with food from the bakery or room and board, depending on what was agreed upon in their contract.

4) Within reason, the employer should provide a safe and hospitable working environment for their employees. This is defined as a work environment that provides no undue or unreasonable risk to the employee and where the employee is exposed to verbal or physical abuse. This is not including forms of employment that are high risk, such as asteroid mining; working with explosives or unsafe or unstable materials; or working in the customer service field, where an employee might be exposed to less than happy customers.

5) Any employer found to be in violation of this act will have to compensate those employees with back wages and pay a fine unless it can be reasonably proven that it was a miscommunication of intent or a verbal agreement between the employee and the employer.

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