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Peacekeeper Charter of YE 30

Following independence from the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 30, the United Outer Colonies became responsible for their own defense. The nation became settled on a philosophy of peacekeeping; that is becoming a truly neutral nation capable of deploying humanitarian aid and assistance to all nations, factions and groups in the known universe. Ship commanders would also serve as diplomats and mediators; soldiers serving as defenders of the innocent, the hard working ranks of a nation striving towards intergalactic peace.

Article 1

The United Outer Colonies Peacekeeper Forces (UOCPF) will serve as:

  • Defensive forces of the United Outer Colonies.
  • Peacekeepers

Article 2

Peacekeeping is defined as:

  • aiding war or conflict torn nations in creating conditions for sustainable peace.

Humanitarian aid is defined as:

  • material or logistical services provided in response to a crisis.

Article 3

Other roles of the UOCPF:

  • to deliver humanitarian aid to any nation, faction, or citizen regardless of alignment, allegiance, species, or origin.
  • to serve as mediators at negotiations between other nations at their request.

Article 4

The UOCPF as the defensive forces of the UOC will:

  • protect UOC territories, vessels and citizens.
  • have a branch dedicated to policing UOC territories.
  • serve as border control.

Article 5

The UOCPF will also:

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