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Peacekeeper Field First Aid Kit

The PFFA was utilized for field and space based operations by the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces.

OOC: The Peacekeeper Field First Aid Kit was probably first produced in YE 30 when the UOCPF was formed. It's unclear who produced them or when production halted, although it was probably YE 33 when the UOC collapsed. Consequently, they are probably no longer in production.


The PFFA is the big brother to the smaller standard issue Peacekeeper Pocket Medikit. It is constructed of the same sturdy plastic ceramic composites of the Pocket Medikit, but now has a carbon nanofiber weave throughout the outer casing to deal with the rigors of in the field use. It is light purple in coloration with the standard medical 'Red Cross' emblazoned on the top of the kit. The PFFA is about the size of a small briefcase, and includes a handle for easy carrying, and two clasp style locks to hold it closed. Inside are two 'tackle box' style stands. On the top most nestled in the same soft foam as the Pocket Medikit are the necessary immediate tools. On the second stand, built into the case are color coordinated boxes of medicines and a hand held first aid guide. A reference guide to the color coding is also on the inside of the top cover of the case for the medicines.


  • 3x: Vials of Endurance (Single Doses, Pain Reliever) - Small Blue Box
  • 3x: Vials of Prime (Single carefully measured doses, Stimulant) - Small Red Box
  • 3x: Vials of Calm (Single Doses, Depressant) - Small Yellow Box
  • 3x: Vials of Serenity (Single Doses, Mood Elevation) - Small Pink Box
  • 3x: Vials of Concentrated Nutrient Solution (Single Dose) - Small Green Box
  • 1x: Small Box of Femto machine Anti Disease/Poison Pills - Small Orange Box
  • 2x: Three by Two Inch Tubes of Burn Cream
  • 2x: 'Mega' Sized Five by Two Inch Tubes of Liquid Bandage
  • 1x: Penlight
  • 1x: Set of small Tweezers
  • 2x: Sets of Latex Gloves
  • 6x: Anti Bacterial Nano-Machine Treated Towelettes
  • 6x: Adhesive bandages treated with nano-machines (Anti bacterial and to speed healing.)
  • 1x: Small First Aid Handbook

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