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Peacekeeper Pocket Medikit

The Peacekeeper Pocket Medikit was part of the of the UOCPF Standard Issue Kit for the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces.

OOC: The Peacekeeper Pocket Medikit was probably first produced in YE 30 when the UOCPF was formed. It's unclear who produced them or when production halted, although it was probably by YE 33 when the UOC collapsed. Consequently, they are probably no longer in production.


The PPM, or Peacekeeper Pocket Medikit is true to its name. It is a small hand held case, made of a durable and light weight plastic and ceramic composite for the outer case, and an inner of soft foam so as to protect the contents. A small belt clip is included on the side of the kit, allowing it to be attached to a soldiers belt, and leave their hands free. The kit includes all of the essentials of immediate first aid, or simply 'patching' someone up.


  • 1x: Two inch tube of Liquid Bandage
  • 1x: Vial of Endurance (Pain Reliever One Dose)
  • 2x: Anti Bacterial Nano Machine Treated Towelettes
  • 1x: Small set of Tweezers
  • 1x: Penlight
  • 1x: Vial of Concentrated Nutrient Solution (One Dose)
  • 1x: Small first aid handbook
  • 4x: Adhesive bandages treated with nano machines (Anti bacterial and to speed healing.)

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