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UOC Peacekeeper Uniform

The uniforms of the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces were designed at the request of Prime Minister Tange-Katsura Ayana after the practical design of protective motorcycle riding leathers. It was felt that the need for a uniform that offered the peacekeepers the most protection available to them by using a combination of protective materials would better suit their needs in a peacekeeping role than the traditional cloth uniforms or even the newer energy dispersing panel variants of the Star Army of Yamatai uniforms that the former members of the Fifth Expeditionary fleet were used to.

It was argued that while the old uniforms were comfortable and attractive, that skirts didn't offer the same leg protection of pants in a potential hostile situation. And that while the colored panel variants were also very attractive, it would be most cost effective to simply give everyone the same uniform regardless of job specialization. With these things in mind, the Peacekeeper uniforms were designed with the intention of wearer protection, functionality, and color uniformity making the uniform also effectively unisex.

It is also interesting to note that before the succession of the United Outer Colonies in YE 30, the (then) Fifth Expeditionary fleet had a security organization, called the Bakafu Security and Intelligence Authority, within their ranks serving the now defunct, Motoyoshi Bakafu which were nicknamed the “black coats”, which utilized a black variant of the Star Army of Yamatai uniform.

Uniform Variants

Long Sleeve Version Female Short Sleeve Female
Long Sleeve Version Male Vest Variant Male

Consists of:

  • Peacekeeper Jacket with UOC Logo Patch on left shoulder and ship/unit patch on the right.
  • rank pin with strong magnetic backing (worn over right breast)
  • high necked short sleeve t-shirt or long sleeve high collared t-shirt (not pictured, worn under the jacket)
  • reinforced black leather gloves with secured gold plated buckled wrist strap
  • synthetic leather pants with reinforced and padded knees and seat with cargo style pockets
  • heavy leather dark gray duty belt with gold plated front clasping buckle; assorted accessory pouches
  • black leather drop leg holster with magazine pouch
  • steel-toe heavy leather calf boots

Peacekeeper Jacket

Long Sleeve Jacket Variant Short Sleeve Jacket Variant

The official uniform Peacekeeper Jacket is black with gold contrast piping at the seams of where the gray ribbed leather padding meets the black leather panels along the shoulders forearms and sides.


The collar of the jacket secures with a gold colored buckle.

Medic Armband
No Picture Available

Medics have a white leather armband with a red cross on it- to be worn around their left bicep, below where the fleet patch is located. The band will be buckled into place around the jacket sleeve.

Pin and Patch Placement

Rank Pin
The E-1 Peacekeeper Recruit Rank Pin is displayed here.

The individual's rank pin is worn over the right breast and is held in place through the leather and energy dispersement panels of the jacket with a strong magnetic backing.

United Outer Colony Logo Patch

The official United Outer Colonies' Logo Patch is worn approximately 2 in from the top of the left shoulder and centered in the middle of the sleeve on the deltoid.

Ship/Unit Patches
UCS Akaramu Ship Patch displayed.

Each ship/unit has their own unique patch that they may wear on their uniform on approximately 2 in from the top of the right shoulder and centered in the middle of the sleeve on the deltoid.



A dark gray leather duty belt with a front clasping gold plated buckle is worn with assorted gray leather pouches for various things (i.e. handcuffs; extra magazine pouches; flashlight; other non-lethal deterrents).

Drop holster
Design sketch & Regular holster image displayed to show detail

Worn on whichever side the Peacekeeper's dominant hand is a black drop leg holster with gold plated clips and buckles containing the Peacekeeper's sidearm of choice that secures to the wearer's duty belt and then buckles around the person's inner thigh with 2 straps.


The uniform can be worn with the optional reinforced black leather gloves that secure at the wrist with a gold plated buckle.

Lower Body


Synthetic leather pants with reinforced and padded knees and seat with cargo style pockets are worn tucked into the calf boots. They have gold contrast piping along the seams between the gray inner panels and black outer panels giving it the appearance of chaps worn over pants.


Calf length, heavy black leather boots with steel toes; extra thick soles; and a soft gold colored metal band (at the top edge of the boots) are worn over the uniform pants.

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