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The ArcMark is a food voucher electronic currency created by Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587 in YE 38 for use by the inhabitants of the planet 188604.


The ArcMark was created in YE 38, shortly after Arccos helped subdue the population of the planet, 188604. She set out to restore order with her buttonless brigadiers, and her own plan to help build up an economy using a Crypto Currency: The ArcMark.

Originally the currency was distributed as paper coupons for locals who didn't know how to use technology, though these coupons were soon replaced with very user-friendly data pads that displayed how much each datapad was worth. As many lacked the technical know how to operate an electronic wallet, these data pads were usually just traded as if they were physical money themselves.

Towards the end of YE 38, Vier would help roll out additional datapads to the population bundled with training software to assist them in using the new currency.

By YE 39 The Frontier Service Corp would begin trading the ArcMark with the universe at large, creating a true international exchange. Additional training courses offered by the FSC would help train the population on how to better use electronic money.

Mid YE 39, the economic collapse brought on by Section 6's purchase of two Super Carriers and the influence of FSC, would crater the value of the ArcMark. While this did spur civil unrest, the incident was eventually resolved. This brought a lot of attention to the ArcMark, which at the time was pretty much the only cryptocurrency avalible in the Kyoto sector outside of small chains setup for Spacers by Spacers. While the currency had plenty of high-tech applications there was really no highly developed financial sector to make use of the monitary improvements.

In YE 40 Uso stepped in. Pressure was building to answer questions about the ArcMark's future, and she responded by entering into a partnership with Akemi to peg the value of the ArcMark to something real. It was announced that one ArcMark could be brought to Akemi's and exchanged for one ArcCombo, which included an AkemiBurger, Fries, and a normal sized Usoda. At the same time, Akemi's would release a road-map for steady, slow, price increases for their ArcCombo, effectively creating both a stable-coin and a deflationary currency backed by Uso's ability to put money where other people's mouths are. This would balloon the price of the ArcMark, causing it to fluctuate around the price of an ArcCombo in other currencies.


The ArcMark is a Crypto Currency built off Freespacer technology. It incorporates many of the usual features including proof of work, proof of stake, coin governance, programmable money/smart contracts, and a limited supply of coins with the usually nearly infinitely divisible properties.

The Majority of those who use the ArcMark are unaware of these features. The locals on 188604 have their wallets automatically managed by Vier, who uses the datapads their wallets are installed on to mine for them and generate a small extra amount of money.

Though Coin Governance with a combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake is possible, the USO controls nearly 80% of the coins, and leverages FSC to manage their stockpile of money as well as the health of the currency overall.


1 ArcMark is equal to: 1 ArcCombo with Fries and an Usoda from Akemi's

1 ArcCombo with Fries and an Usoda from Akemi's is 4 KS

The ArcMark is not considered legal tender in the Yamatai Star Empire, the Elysian Celestial Empire, the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, and the Kingdom of Neshaten. ArcMark wallets will automatically convert to local currency through online exchanges at time of sale, so this is largely not an issue.

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