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 x1 [[corp:​fscorp:​products:​starfighter_plw]] [[guide:​damage_rating_v3|Tier 7 Medium Anti-Mecha]],​ x1 [[corp:​fscorp:​products:​starfighter_plw]] [[guide:​damage_rating_v3|Tier 7 Medium Anti-Mecha]],​
-x1 [[faction:​uso:​u1-w3900#​w3900_minimized|Minimized gunpod turret]] [[guide:​damage_rating_v3|Tier ​9, Heavy Anti-Mecha]]+x1 [[faction:​uso:​u1-w3900#​w3900_minimized|Minimized gunpod turret]] [[guide:​damage_rating_v3|Tier ​8, Heavy Anti-Mecha]]
-x1 [[faction:​uso:​u1-w3901]] EMP pod [[guide:​damage_rating_v3| Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha ]]+x1 [[faction:​uso:​u1-w3901]] EMP pod [[guide:​damage_rating_v3| Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha, electronics only ]]
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