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The BoxMine is a cargo container sized defensive mine designed in YE 39.

About the Ship

The mine was developed with USO and Vier's approach to warfare in mind. It has a wide range of uses from keeping watch over an area to emergency point defense, can be adapted to a large number of situations using a variety of different equipment, and is inexpensive to manufacture. They are more expendable than the c5 drone, and are largely intended to be used in defense of manned starships, freeing up the C5 drones to destroy enemy targets.

Key Features

The BoxMine's key features are its size profile and easily configurable payload. It can carry many of the same systems as the U-1 Production Model Variable Mecha and fits anywhere a huge size Standard Starship Cargo Containers can fit. This makes it easy to store on a freighter, and jettison while making a quick get away.

Mission Specialization

  • Point Defense
  • Area Survailance


The BoxMine looks like a standard huge size cargo container. With the side and center panels jettisoned, the main subspace radar systems are exposed. Just behind the front and rear of the cargo container are sets of reaction control thrusters. There are four sets of doors, two sets of two on either side, that open outward to exposed the weapon control area of the mine. The insides of the doors contain radiators to better disipate heat when the weapon systems are in use.

History and Background

The BoxMine was developed in YE 39 as part of an effort to make more modular equipment for starships. This effor started years before with the C5, and continued into YE 39 with the development of the box mine. While this BoxMine is more of a deployable weapon than a starship component, the idea behind it is the same: be able to outfit a variety of ships with a minimal amount of effort.

Statistics and Performance

The BoxMine only has minimal ability to move and reposition.


  • Class: BoxMine
  • Type: Combat Drone
  • Designers: Wazu
  • Manufacturer: USO
  • Fielded by: USO


  • Length: 20 meters
  • Width: 5 meters
  • Height: 4 meters

Propulsion and Range

  • Sublight Engines: .01c
  • Lifespan: 3 years

Damage Capacity

  • Tier 8 Medium Mecha, Unarmored

Sensor Range

  • Subspace Radar: 1 ly
  • Thermal: ~ unlimited

Ship Systems

The BoxMine uses a lot of standard USO components.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The BoxMine uses thin Durandium alloy armor.

Computers and Electronics


The BoxMine uses small fusion thrusters for stationkeeping.

Shield Systems

The BoxMine uses a standard electrostatic barrier as a shield system.


wz-g3802, and x6 Subspace Radars

Weapons Systems

The BoxMine has two weapon storage areas, located on either side of the main radar array. Each can be configure to hold:

x 720 Mini Missiles Tier 6, stacked in 15 rows, and 12 coloums, 4 deep.

x1 Starfighter Primary Laser Weapon Tier 7 anti-mecha,

x1 Minimized gunpod turret

x1 W3901 Electromagnetic Countermeasure Pod EMP pod

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