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C8 Radiator Array

Developed in YE 40 for the C8 Class Drone to help cool drone warships, but the design is simple enough to be easily used for other projects.

About the Radiator Array

The radiator array itself is made from flexable interlocking tubes with high thermal transparency. When filled with hot liquid, they can help radiate heat away into space. When liquid is pumped out of them the tubes contract, and reduce the size of the radiator system until it is tucked away in its housing.

The array has limited self-repair capabilities, can can automatically close off punctured areas while still maintaining its heat dissipation qualities.

The array requires fluid moving throuh it in order to effectively dissipate heat. The base of the radiator array contains a single massive pump capable of pushing the volume of fluid needed for effective cooling.


Though the array itself has strong enough pumps to move liquid a long distance, it still needs a way to absorb heat and a source of liquid. Pipes are usually connected to a number of Heat Sinks and Liquid Storage Containers

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