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Cargo Container Home

Developed in YE 38, as USO needed a method for cheaply housing large numbers of locals who have little understanding of modern living. The solution was to create a generic housing unit inside of a cargo container and provide them to just about everyone.

The design is freely available on the Polysentience, though it is primarily produced on Planet 188-604

Inside the Cargo Container Home

The interior of the cargo container home is geared towards living for two people.

It contains a bedroom in the back, a bathroom area enclosed in the center with two sinks, toilet, and shower, and a kitchen / eating area in the front of the container.

A Utility area is in the rear of the container, and has hook ups for power and water. Once powered, the container can provide air-conditioning, heated water, and handles its own waste treatment though in order to function long term it is helpful to have water and waste disposal connections hooked up.

Kitchen Area

The front doors of the container open into the dining room area, which comes furnished with a table and four chairs. A set of small stairs lead up into the kitchen where an electric range, sink, fridge, microwave, and storage areas are located.

Two doors in the rear of the kitchen lead into the bathroom, and towards the back bedroom respectively.


The bathroom contains two sinks with mirrors, one large open shower, and a small bathroom stall with privacy door. The bathroom area can be locked from the inside for privacy.


The bedroom area has a single large bed, and comes furnished with blankets and pillows. There is enough space to add in a closet or other storage areas on the side but this is not a standard add in.

The bedroom also contains a door that can be opened in the side of the container.

Utility Area

In the back of the container is the utility area. It contains the hot water tank, plumbing, AC, electrical, and other hardware needed to run the container. The connection ports for hooking up external power, water, and waste disposal to the container are behind this on the rear of the container itself.

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