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Corgan Garret Class Medical Ship

The Corgan Garret class medical ship was developed in YE 40 as a collaboration between Uso's Star Organization, Sky Guard, the Frontier Service Corporation, and Vier. The ship itself carries medical and backup facilities sufficent to service a modestly sized city.

About the Ship

The ship was designed and built as it satisfied a confluence of desires from the interested parties. The Wazu's desire to save lives, Uso's desire to save her own people's lives, The Skyguard's intrest in further developing their capabilities and the FSC's desire to develop more buisness.

The upper section of the ship is designed as a heavy-duty medical tower that was originally to be placed in Osman City. This is paired with a lower half that was originally developed as a heavy liquids hauler.

The liquid hauler section has ample reaction-mass storage and numerous engines providing for a large amount of acceleration. The idea behind paring this section with the medical facility is to allow the ship to respond quickly to emergencies.

The upper section was designed to eventually be standardized and widely deployed as a hospital facility for frontier worlds. In addition to medical facilites and supplies, the tower is to include a large amount of transports to service a large area with poor infrastructure. A large storage database for mental backups is also included.

The entire ship is setup as a conventioanl stack, with the engines located below the 'floors' of the upper levels.

Key Features

The primary use of the ship is to provide medical facilities to underdeveloped areas.

Mission Specialization

  • Medical Missions
  • Relief effots.


The overall look of the ship is that of a cone. The base is fitted with numerous engines. Sitting above that are large liquid storage tanks containing fresh water, reaction mass, algae, and other useful liquids in large quantities. Further up are the FTL systems, and further up still is the medical facilities tower. The tower has landing areas along the outside, and a central open area where ships and natural light can enter from the top.

History and Background

The ship design was finalized in YE 40, after various ideas for medical systems were kicked around between USO, Wazu, and the FSC. The ship design was named after one of the original conqueror/defenders of 188604,and largely pushed into service so to help kickstart the otherwise lagging medical infrastructure of 188604.

Statistics and Performance



Crew: 20 operators are recommended, 1 is required.

Maximum Capacity: 3000 hospital beds, and up to 10,000 people in an emergency


  • Length: 1000 meters
  • Width: 300 meters

Propulsion and Range

  • Hyperspace Fold Drive: 0.6 ly/m
  • Sublight Engines: 0.3c
  • Lifespan: 20 Years
  • Refit Cycle: 5 years

Damage Capacity

Inside the Ship

The Corgan Garret class has a rather spacious and sterile-white interior enviroment designed to make moving stretchers or equipment easy.

Deck Layout

The ship is broken up into two sections, the medical and crew area ontop along with the engineering area on bottom

Compartment Layouts


The Corgan Garret uses a single, large, round display table for its command center, with configurable consoles stationed around the large central volumetric display for command and control work.

Medical Area

Wazu got kinda lazy here, figuring that they could go back and fill this area in later. The medical area is really just a series of large open spaces that can fit huge size cargo containers with the intention of one day making a medical-facility-container to fit in here.

Shuttle Bays

The Corgan Garret class has three large shuttle bays, each capable of holding 8 U7 shuttles on their floor, and another 8 shuttles clamped to the ceiling. These large transports are intended to act as additional hospital facilities that can be deployed planetside.

Ship Systems

This ship has systems. Those systems are listed below.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Corgan Garret class is equiped with durandium armor, mostly for protection against the dangers of space travel.

Computers and Electronics

The ship is run by a cluster of 50 Starship Electronics Container YE38 that handle the computing power needs of the starship and the storage requirements for the mental backups.

Life Support Systems

Life support is provided by four Life Support Container Module though up to 10 more can be slotted in emergencies


Large clusters of U-G3901 Ram Augmented Gravity Drive are inset into the giant engine systems at the end of the ship. at the rear of the ship. Each engine system itself is made from one large cluster of these drives contributing their power together so the loss of any single engine does not result in a noticeable loss of power for the overall system.

Shield Systems

The ship's shield generators can project the standard anti-gravity distortion shield for protecting the ship against scalar attacks as well as the more conventional electrostatic barrier that can absorb projectile and energy attacks. The shield itself is intended to protect the ship against the occasional danger, but is not intended for combat operations.

Vehicle Complement

Listed is the usual load for the ship, though it can be changed out if needed.


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