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USO Cupcake Tankette

The USO Cupcake Tankette is a scaled down tank made for use in ground operations by the organization. It is capable of transportation in groups of four via the module section of the U-1 Prototype Variable Mecha and is air-droppable.

About the Cupcake

The Cupcake fills the roll of fast moving hover tank. The tank itself is lightly armed and armored compared to similar vehilces like the TASHA M9 Team Autonomous Support Heavy Armor and the Na-K4. The normal weapons load ist mostly defensive, including an autocannon and EMP generator that share commonality with the U2ACM. The light armor of the Cupcake means that it is easier to damage than other hover-tanks. Losing one of the movement pads will force it to drive along the ground, and losing 3 will immobilize the vehicle.

The AI of the Cupcake can respond to basic commands, and the vehicle will often be left on its own to guard a target or patrol an area on its own. While it is fully capable of sneakily driving on the ground using its battery power, it is also fully flight capable when its inbuilt hyperspace tap is turned on.

While the Cupcake can operate in space and underwater, it does not float.


U3AFV 'Cupcake'
Class Overview
Class U3AFV
Manufaturer Mothership "White Lament", USO
Mission Specialization Hover Tankette
General Characteristics
Type Armored Fighting Vehicle
Length 5m
Width 2.6m
Height 1.6m
Lifespan 5 Years
Power Source Small Hyperspace Tap
Pilot 0
Hyperspace Fold N/A
Sublight 0.05c
Wheeled 120 KPH
Atmospheric flight Mach .9
Hull Armor 8 Armor Scale Structure Points
Shield Capacity 8 Armor Scale Structure Points
Shield Threshold 2
Tier 4, Light Armor
Shield Conformal
Optical Unlimited
Subspace .1 LY
Thermal Unlimited
Type 30mm Autocannon
Range 5000m (planetary)
Rate of Fire 500RPM
Ammunition Type Programmed Airburst, Incendiary/smoke
Ammunition Storage 300 Airburst Rounds, 100 Incendiary/Smoke
Damage ADR 5
Damage Tier 6, Heavy Anti-Armor
EMP Device
Type EMP Projector
Range 3000m
Spread 15 Degree cone
Rate of Fire Continuous
Damage ADR 5
Damage Tier 6, Heavy Anti-Armor

With the U-1 Prototype Variable Mecha entering service in YE 38 and the U2ACM shortly after that the USO had developed both a fighter and a method of quickly deliverying individuals planetside… but lacked many of the other air to ground support options avalible to other organizations. The Cupcake was designed in YE 39 and added in the ability to drop small combat vehicles to back up ground operations.


The Cupcake has a square main body, with angled armor pannels in front, and a boxy heat sink on the rear made up from thin metal panels. On either side are mechanical arms that extend forward and backward, each with a large square pannel on the end. Each pannel has a heavily treaded tire at the end, and an anti-gravity engine in the center to allow for flight. The forward two pannels have additional armor attachments added on while small grenade launchers are attached on the end.

Ontop of the central body is a mechanically stabalized weapon platform with an autocannon, EMP device, sensors, and ammunition.

The movement pannels can fold upward, allowing the central section to connect to a mounting point on a U-1, allowing up to four to be transported at a time when turned sideways, storing two on either side of the U-1's attachment module area.

Onboard Systems Descriptions


Multiple layers of spaced Durandium Alloy armor protect the craft

Anti-Gravity Engines

Attached to the underside of each of the movement panels are small anti-gravity engines. Their energy output creates a soft blue glow when active.

Magnetic Clamp

The underside of the main body contains a single magnetic clamp system that allows the tankette to hold onto the attachment module area of the U-1. The vehicle is capable of being deployed while the U-1 is at speed in an atmosphere, using its own engines to slow to a safe landing speed. Four of the tankettes can be stored in the module area of the U1.

Weapon Platform

The cupcake has the same mechanically stabalized weapon platform as the Gumdrop, containing an autocannon, radar, sensor system, and EMP device.


The craft uses a single shield generator that converts the hull of the craft into a basic shield projector. The shield provides basic protection against weapons fire, as well radiation and scalar attacks through an electrostatic barrier and low level anti-gravity field.

Smoke Grenade Launchers

The Cupcake has 16 short range, one-shot grenade launchers on its rear movement pannels. These are normally filled with smoke grenades that can cover the surrounding area in a thick smoke.


The Tankette has four independent wheels, each nearly a meter wide, that are heavily treaded. They allow the Cupcake to move about on its own without using the energy intense anti-gravity engines and are suitable for a wide range of terrain.

OOC Information

The control of the cupcakes works, essentially, like an RTS, units are semi intelligent and able to make decisions about things like cover, whether or not they fire, and what type of weapon they use. Things like more advanced tactics like flanking or ambushes often require human oversight.

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