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USO Fleet

The USO has a steadily growing collection of starships that make up its fleet. The organization started with the Queen's Slave in YE 38 and has added a mix of purchased and locally built ships.

Fleet Budget

The USO's ability to support starships is tracked on the USO fleet budget page.

Unassigned Ships

Not every ship that belongs to the USO is organized into a fleet. Many are privately owned and often reside at the 188604 Starport when not in use

Queen's Slave
Name Queen's Slave
Type Modified Freighter

The Queen's slave was one of the first ships brought to Planet 188-604 and was originally responsibly for ferrying the crew around, acting as sleeping quarters, and handling supply runs to Nepleslia. It has sense been converted for moving large amounts of cargo containers and liquids, and as of YE38 is primarily used for transporting sell-able goods to the Freespacers.

Mounted in the cockpit is a 10cm x 20cm plaque made of copper; 2 cm thick. Engraved with a mural of 188604, the I'ee homeworld, Ee'ee, and the JTE positioned between. Beneath are engraved the words: “Thank you, Uso! I love you! - Sammy”

This ship has taken part in Operation Bright Venom, and Operation Roach Motel.

Pumpkin Eater
Name Pumpkin Eater
Captain Aashi Nath Werner
Type Heavy Freighter
Modifications no fabrication bay

A heavy freighter bought during the third month of operations on 188604. This ship was procured largely for its fabrication bay which was cut out of the ship and installed in a factory planetside. This has formed much of the basis for building up the planet's industrial capacity. The rest of the ship was given to Aashi Nath to do as she sees fit.

During Operation Bright Venom, the ship was refit into a missile carrier. The massive internal bays were used to house hundreds of F2 Missile-Drones. Aashi left 188604 shortly afterward, and the Pumpkin Eater has been left at the 188604 Starport.

This ship has taken part in Operation Bright Venom, Operation Narrow Path, and Operation Roach Motel.

Name Arccos
Captain corgan_garret
Type Dropship

This ship has taken part in Operation Roach Motel.


USO's fleets tend to be very distinct entities with no formal method for working together. As there are a mix of newcomers and experienced veterans filling out the fleets, many of the specifics are figured out as they go along.

1st Fleet / Skyguard

Assembled both in orbit and planet side, the USO 1st fleet is run by the Sky Guard, and has been assigned the responsibility of managing operations near Planet 188-604 in both a defense and 'coast guard' capacity.

USO 1st Fleet

2nd Fleet / Skyguard

The USO second fleet left in YE 40 due to unaddressed concerns regarding potential corruption in the government.

4th Fleet / Vier

Assembled early on, the 4th fleet is run by Vier and contains the bulk of the drone weapon platforms. The fleet was hastily constructed first in YE 38 to take part in Operation Bright Venom. While this operation resulted in removing the NMX presense from the I'ee home system, it also resulted in the complete destruction of the 4th fleet.

Due to the special construction of 4th fleet ships, lack of an organic crew, and not taking on responsibilities that require heavy transport to and from a planet. The fleet itself can operate autonomously for the life-time of its starships.

4th fleet

201st Fleet / Light Year Array Fleet

As part of the agreement to have Vier assist Uso Tasuki with her plan to remove the NMX from the I'ee home-system, the USO agreed to assist with constructing a telescope array that spanned over 10 light years. The ships that comprise the Light Year Array fleet are unarmed, and mostly stationary except for the Tugs and service ships.

Light-Year Array

409th Fleet / Ragna-Fleet

Owned and operated by the Ragnarok PMC. The RagnaFleet consists of several mercenary ships.


667th Fleet / Section 6

Section 6 was rewarded with its own fleet, and eventually put under its own command. Its ships are tracked here.

Section 6 Fleet Comp

Destroyed Ships

Tanks Alot
Name Tanks Alot
Type C5

A pair of half-finished C5 hulls wielded together with some bracing, with numerous Deathcrawler Auto-Tank tanks holding onto the Hull. At best the ship could be considered a technical, and was used during Operation Bright Venom. Though the ship survived the initial engagement, it was used to ram an NMX Model 32 Megamishhu that attempted to destroy the I'ee homeworld after the fact.

Wild Rabbit
Name Wild Rabit
Type Modified Freighter

Purchased second-hand, this freighter was converted for remote control use and was employed during Operation Bright Venom as a distraction to pull the NMX fleet into position for the attack. The ship also saw action at the Freehold Factory and star system B7R-604. The Wild Rabbit was destroyed on Nepleslia Prime in YE 39 when Flynn Blackburn remotely crashed the ship into an enemy facility.

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