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The U-2 Armored Carrier Module is a small armored personnel carrier that can fit in the equipment module slot of the U-1 Prototype Variable Mecha that was designed in YE 39

About the Transport

The U2ACM started off as a cargo module that ended up receiving the full APC treatment. It is quite small, but it is also light weight, easy to transport, and nimble enough to go just about anywhere. In typical USO fashion, the U2ACM lets the organization stretch the usefulness of its existing small craft as a dropship and a fighter escort on the same mission.

U2ACM 'Gumdrop'
Class Overview
Class U2ACM
Manufaturer Mothership "White Lament", USO
Mission Specialization Small Transport
General Characteristics
Type Armored Personnel Carrier
Length 6m
Width 3m
Height 2m
Lifespan 5 Years
Power Source Hyperspace Tap
Pilot 1
Passengers 3
Hyperspace Fold N/A
Sublight 0.05c
Wheeled 120 KPH
Hull Armor 8 Armor Scale Structure Points
Shield Capacity 8 Armor Scale Structure Points
Shield Threshold 2
Tier 4, Light Armor
Shield Conformal
Optical Unlimited
Subspace .1 LY
Thermal Unlimited

In Operations

The U2ACM is a lightly armored transport intended to bridge the final few steps from atmosphere to ground. The light armor is not intended to stand up to heavy weaponry, and the U2ACM is intended to rely on the U-1 Prototype Variable Mecha for transport near the surface, and then on other supporting units while it is on the ground.

The transport can carry 3 power armored soldiers and some gear. It is mainly intended to ferry power armored soldiers to the combat area inside of the U-1 Prototype Variable Mecha, disconnect while close to the ground and then disembark its soldiers. It can carry additional gear for its occupants, or ferry cargo back from the operation site. With its operation complete, it can reconnect for transport back to a mother ship.

The U2ACM is fully capable of operating for extended periods on its own using its inbuilt hyperspace tap. It is also fully capable of running in wheeled mode for up to a day without needing to recharge using the hyperspace tap. The electric motors are designed to be very quiet, allowing the vehicle to sneak around so long as it does not need to scoot around using its anti-gravity drive.


The U2ACM has a lifting body design, and a flat rear side with a single hatch that opens outward and down. The front, curved, portion has a bubble for the pilot's canopy but the small height of the front section requires the pilot's seat be leaned back heavily. Anti-gravity drives and electric wheels are attached to the sides of the main body, and a thin, flat, layer of armor is attached to those on the outermost side of the vehicle. Headlights and taillights are also included, along with three small sensors, two in front, and one on the top, right side rear of the vehicle. There are also two textured 'steps' on the front and a handle for opening the service hatch that leads to the power generator and other equipment that is installed next to the pilot. There is also a flat, circular, panel on the top, rear of the craft designed for mounting additional equipment.

On the inside, the pilot's seat is in the front and heavily reclined. Just to the right of the pilot's seat is the power plant, computer, and other serviceable equipment of the U2ACM. Directly behind the pilot's seat are three seats with their backs against the right side. The left side of the interior has only display panels on the walls, and there is some space under the chairs on the right for gear. The interior is fairly cramped and does not have sufficient space to stand upright. With 4 people inside wearing power armor there is little comfort room left.

History and Background

While designing the U-1cm Cargo Module it was determined that a fairly complex system would be needed to safely disengage the cargo module and land it on target. This system was a small ship just by itself, so the decision was made to made the design a full fledged transport rather than an overly complex drop-module.

As USO has limited time and energy to dedicate to manufacturing and design, the U2ACM's role was expanded from air-dropable transport to a generic all-use vehicle that could see use around Planet 188-604. While it was designed with being able to carry weapons in mind, the original design was rushed out without weapon systems included.

Craft Systems

The gumdrop's systems are fairly minimalist, and include what is listed below.


Multiple layers of spaced Durandium Alloy armor protect the craft, along with a thick bubble of Transparent Durandium for the pilot with a variable opacity.

Anti-Gravity Engines

Attached to the sides of the craft are two pairs of anti-gravity generators. These flat, black, squares are normally used to generate the fields needed for FTL travel, however the ones on the U2ACM are undersized, and useful only for basic anti-gravity propulsion.

Optical/Thermal Sensor

Four small combined sensor systems are on the craft, two located at the front just above/behind the forward facing lights, one on the underside, and one on the rear, top, left hand side of the craft. These provide basic navigational data needed to keep the ship from crashing, and can provide an augmented-reality style view for the pilot and passengers.

Magnetic Clamps

On either side of the craft are 2 pairs of magnetic clamps that allow the craft to latch itself into the utility area of a U-1.

Passenger Compartment

The only non-emergency exit is in the rear of the craft: a single door with a textured walking path. It leads into the rear area where there is space for three power armored people and one pilot. All three seats are along the right side of the craft and have storage in place under them. Across from them are a set of three touch sensitive displays that can be used to view the exterior.


The craft uses a single shield generator that converts the hull of the craft into a basic shield projector. The shield provides basic protection against weapons fire, as well radiation and scalar attacks.


Sandwiched between the hull and the outer panels are 8 wheels, four on each side, capable of independent movement. Though they do not turn side to side, they can rotate the vehicle through turning in place. The wheels have their own inbuilt batteries and electric motors capable of running continuously for a day without needing recharge.

Optional Systems

The gumdrop APC can also have a small weapons platform fitted to the top.

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