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Gumdrop Stabilized Platform

Developed from the Gumdrop Weapon Platform, the Gumdrop Stabilized Platform is a multi-axis stabilized platform cable of carrying weapons, sensors, or other objects while neutralizing shaking that may come from the host vehicle.


The Gumdrop Weapon Platform was originally put together just for the Gumdrop APC, however the weapon turned out to be more popular than expected, and found its way into other pieces of equipment. An effort was then made to go back and optimize the design, resulting in a slightly smaller and much more capable solution. The platform itself was modularized so that it could accept a variety of sensors and weapon systems.

The platform itself consists of 6 arms on the underside that can extend or shrink. These arms need to be attached to the host vehicle and connected to external power to work. Once powered, the inbuilt sensors will automatically adjust the arms to shift and tilt the platform as needed to actively counteract an motion from the host vehicle. The entire upper platform can freely rotate 360 degrees, and on the top of the platform is the mechanism for aiming the attached weapons up and down. The rear of the platform has three storage slots which are intended to be used to hold ammo. On either side of the weapon aiming mechanism are brackets to mount other weapons. These brackets merely hold the weapons in question, and custom manufacturing work needs to be done to properly integrate whatever trigger assemblies may exist. These brackets can also be configured to provide power to the weapon system through the platform's link to its host.

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