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Kernel Mini Missile System

The Kernel Mini Missile System is a system devised in YE 39 for use by the USO and Sky Guard for use in vehicles and equipment.

About the Kernel Mini Missile System

The Kernel Mini Missile System was created in YE 39 to act as a system for launching mini missiles. It was decided that rather than make it a piece of equipment or a subsystem of specific size, it would be designed as a set of launcher tubes that can be assembled together in whatever shape or amount required to put in a vehicle or on equipment.

Launch tubes are arranged in a hexagonal cell with six missile tubes inside it. Each Cell is 180mm long on each face and holds the missiles snugly. Each side of the cell also has locking points to lock with other cells or to the structure in which it is set.

Nomenclature Information

  • Name: Kernel Mini Missile System
  • Nomenclature: W3906
  • Type: Chemically propelled mini missile
  • Role: Anti Armor
  • Length: 32 centimeters
  • Weight: 10 lbs, 4.5 kilograms


An individual cell is unassuming. It is a hexagon with each face 18 centimeters long and 10 centimeters tall. Inside it are dividers that separate out each missile tube, each of which is 8 centimeters in diameter. On each face, there are slots and tabs that can attach to the sides of other cells.

Discharge Information

  • Retort: A “Fwooooosh” as each missile launches if observed from outside. A dull “Thmp” sound as each missile launches if observed from inside.
  • Effective Range: 2.5km in atmosphere, 80km out of atmosphere.
  • Rate of Fire: Staggered fire, 3 round per second per cell. Or in a volley, all at once.


Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: The missiles are fired by activating them via computer signals after they are targeted and firing is triggered by an operator.
  • Loading: Missiles are loaded into launch tubes through the muzzle.
  • Mode Selector: Firing mode is controlled by the operator of the craft using the weapon. The three modes are Safety on, Salvo and, Staggered fire.
  • Firing Modes: Salvo: Fires all missiles at once, Staggered fire: Fires three missiles per second per pod
  • Weapon Sight: The aiming of the missiles is designated by computers of the craft using the missile cells. After targets are designated, missiles will select from the designated target pool, attempting to distribute themselves equally.
  • Attachment Hard-Points: Each face of a cell has hardpoints to attach to other cells in order to build larger banks.




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