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Life Support Container Module

Developed in YE 39 by Uso's Star Organization with the help of the Freespacers. The Life Support Container Module is designed to handle the atmospheric aspects of life support for a few hundred people in an enclosed environment.


The LSCM is a self contained system inside of a huge size cargo container. It has external hook ups for ventilation in and out. It also can be hooked up to an external power, data, coolant, and water source though these are not necessary for its operation. Generally it will try and replicate the features of Nepleslian Designer Atmosphere systems, looking to create optimal conditions for work rather than replicating a planetary environment.


Fans pull in atmosphere from the intake and pass it through a basic filter to prevent large contaminates from entering.


Air from the intakes is then passed through several long tanks filled with Huron cynobacteria which clear out impurities. Grow lights, trace elements, and other tweaks needed to keep the Huron colonies alive and functioning are used at this stage, and remotely controlled by the container for maximum effectiveness.

Huron overloaded with toxins are then removed from this system and purged, with the toxins being stored in a waste disposal area while usable biological material is recycled for use.


Air leaving the Hyron purification chambers is then separated out into its component parts, with excess oxygen and trace elements stored internally. These same chambers are then used to remix the airflow, adding or removing oxygen as needed to achieve the right ratios of gasses and at the right pressure level.

Heating, Cooling, and humidity.

The airflow is then passed through a temperature control system to adjust the temperature of the output air appropriately. During this process moisture can be removed from the air and stored in the container, or extra moisture can be added using the water stored in the container to achieve the desired amount of humidity.


Air quality sensors are installed throughout the container, and allow for remote monitoring of air quality.

Crawl Space

The container also contains a small walk space on one side that allows for a humanoid technician to enter the container and perform maintenance. However, the life support features can simply be removed from the container entirely for ease of access.


The LSCM users consumer grade datapads for its command and control systems.


The LSCM uses a bank of four U-G3801 Hyperspace Tap Generator generators to provide power.

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