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The HEAAP round

The HEAAP round, or High Energy Anti Armor Plasma round, was developed in YE 40 by Osman Heavy Industries. The technology does not refer to a single round but instead to a round type.

About the HEAAP type round

HEAAP type rounds are gyrojets, meaning that they use rockets for propulsion rather than gas propulsion from inside the chamber of a weapon. The rounds can also work with rail and coilguns, since it is made out of a ferromagnetic material.

A HEAAP round's damage output varies somewhat based upon the velocity from which it is launched from a weapon, as well as the caliber, size and the amount of plasma generated upon impact.

HEAAP type rounds are scaled up in all dimensions, keeping their design uniform if larger as the caliber increases.


The size, caliber and damage of HEAAP rounds can vary, as can their muzzle velocity, which at its lowest is 5 km/s.

  • Size: Variable
  • Caliber: Variable
  • Damage Description: After impact, a tungsten slug is melted into plasma by an electric charge provided by a capacitor within the microjet. The plasma expands and causes the round to explode.
  • Effective Range: Variable.
  • Muzzle Velocity: Depends on caliber and application. The slowest of the rounds travels at 5 KM/s in atmosphere after exiting the muzzle. However, the round increases in speed over time as the rocket engine propels, making this ammunition type optimal for long range engagements, as it will have time for the round to gain velocity.
  • Muzzle Blast: A fwoosh as the rocket ignites and propels the microjet
  • Recoil: Negligible, because of the nature of the propulsion system.
  • Energy Source: Rocket, and electromagnetic propulsion depending on application.

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