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Osman Heavy Industries

Osman Heavy Industries is a manufacturing and construction company that operates out of Osman City on planet Planet 188-604. It provides construction and manufacturing services to the Sky Guard and the USO .

About Osman Heavy Industries

Osman Heavy Industries was created in YE 40 by Leo Gerrick, a mechanically inclined local who decided that with the amount of mecha, starships and other construction work being done by the Sky Guard and the USO that there was a decent amount of money to be made in providing those services.


“We bear the heavy weight of progress.”

General Information

[Name of the Business]
CEO Leo Gerrick
Faction USO
Product Symbol OH


The headquarters of Osman Heavy Industries is located in Nath Tower, and its main manufacturing plant is located next to mount Glepnir.


The company's only facility so far is a manufacturing plant at the base of Mount Glepnir, and uses mineral resources mined from space to produce heavy machinery such as mecha, tanks, motor vehicles and aerospace-craft.

While not able to produce extremely high volumes of product, it nonetheless is able to keep up with civilian demand as well as moderate demand from the USO government.


The company's structure is fairly simple, with a few major branches under it's banner. First, there is the department of Research and Development, responsible for researching and developing technologies necessary for new products and testing them.

Secondly, there is the Marketing Department, responsible for finding out what products are useful and profitable and coming up with rough ideas for the Engineering Department to flesh out.

Lastly, there is the Engineering Department, responsible for integrating the technology developed by the R&D department into pre-existing products as well as designing new products based on ideas from Marketing.


Current Products and Projects

Past Products and Projects

Information about past products and projects.

OOC Information

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