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Pack Power Armor

The Pack Power Armor is a design for a power armor like system that fits entirely in a backpack, allowing it to be used along with whatever clothing or environmental suit that the user desires.


By YE 38 Uso's Star Organization had grown into an organization with a large number of species that have non-standard body types. Off the shelf power armor designs simply did not include creatures with more than 4 limbs, and it would be extraordinarily difficult to design fresh armors for every new body type that comes along. The solution was to build a single standardized equipment pack, and then outfit the end user with an appropriate armored suit.

Design of the armor itself was done using off the shelf design software, along with the library of technologies that Uso's Star Organization had access to. The result is functional, though hardly professionally designed which leaves much room for improvement and miniaturization.


The PPA is a rectangular pack with various hookups on the top of the back, and radiator panels on the bottom for heat dissipation. The corners of the back have various straps and tie downs available to secure the device to the wearer.

Flight Characteristics

The PPA is a budget power armor, and doesn't have the full flight capabilities that other power armors include. Instead of uses nested force-fields to raise itself off the ground, or generate surface area for gliding or slowing a fall. These features are generally left on automatic, though a user can attempt to operate the systems manually. The result is that full 'flight' only works so long as the pack is within a few meters of the ground, or something else it can push off of.

Statistical information

Pack Power Armor
OrganizationUso's Star Organization
TypeBack-pack Power Armor
DesignerUso's Star Organization
ManufacturerUso's Star Organization
Height2.5 feet
Width1.5 feet
Thickness1 foot
Mass55 lbs
Speed, Planetary 120 MPH, Flight
Flight Ceiling 10 meters
Shield Strength 5 Personal Scale
Shield Threshold 5 Personal Scale
Pack SP 3, Armor Scale
DRv3 Shield Bubble
DRv3 Tier 3 - Heavy Personnel


The PPA is controlled by a single generic AwesomeCorp DataJockey hidden inside of the pack.


The PPA has a small subspace radio included inside for long range communication. It is powerful enough to transmit a signal ~1ly.


Contained inside of the pack is a small hyperspace tap.


The bulk of the equipment inside of the PPA is a combination propulsion and shield system. It contains the usual low-level anti-gravity and magnetic shields to protect the wearer from harmful radiation, along with a strong conventional barrier shield generator.

The barrier shield itself pulls double duty, forming a protective sphere around the wearer, and providing a pushing force against the ground to lift and move the wearer. This is done through extending a pushing force downward and at an angle, or through generating solid shapes such a large flat area to act as wings or surface area for braking.


The PPA contains a small subspace radar used mainly for imaging the area within ~100 meters. This information is used to control the shield geometry to prevent the wearer from crashing into the ground.

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