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Power Armor Shield Module

The PASM is a modularized version of the shield generator in the Pack Power Armor that was developed in YE 39 for use in other power armor systems.


The original developer of the Pack Power Armor, Heram J. Wazu, largely viewed power armor development as unnecessary and tended to leave those projects to others. One of the exceptions to this was the Pack Power Armor that was largely created as a curiosity. While volumetrics technology had become widespread, Solid Volumetrics was less so. Highly complex shield geometric largely seemed unnecessary for starships and miniaturizing that technology wasn't a concern for industrial applications. However as the Uso's Star Organization continued to develop, its internal security groups continued to push for their own power armors. Section 6 led by Jack Pine would be the ones to start development on their own home brew armor dubbed and the logical place to go for the shield technology needed for the armor was what was already available.

The development team would take the existing equipment, and apply effort at further miniaturizing what was there. The added time and effort would result in a smaller device that was more capable of being used on higher end armor.


The shield module consists of a soda-can sized emitter module, and a paper-thin mesh emitter array that can be intigrated into armor or other wearable equipment. Numerous soda-can sized modules can be paired together to increase the shield strength or coverage, usually requiring 3-4 for a power armor, and several dozen to provide the same protection to a vehicle.

Included Features

The Power Armor Shield Module has the following built in, that work to collectively generate a single shield barrier.

Anti-gravity field

Built in is a low-level anti-gravity field that provides immunity to scalar attacks

Electrostatic Field

The classic force field, the Power Armor Shield Module is capable of projecting basic geometric shapes such as squares, circles, cubes, cylinders, and spheres up to 1m away from the projection mesh. This field is normally used as a conventional barrier to slow or stop incoming attacks, however it can also be projected internally to help absorb the force of acceleration, or be projected downward to lift the projection mesh up, or to manipulate nearby objects with basic pushing from geometric shapes.

Short Range Electrostatic Field Sensor

By using weak electrostatic fields and measuring their effect on nearby objects the armor module can build a picture of what objects are within 1m of the field mesh. This only detects shape and firmness, and is used mainly to adjust and direct the shape of the electrostatic fields.

Not Included

The Power Armor Shield Module does not contain a power or control system. Both are required for it to function properly. The mesh must also be properly attached to an object to function, as it is not stiff enough by itself to maintain shape while the shields are being used.

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