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U2 - Sand Demon Dropship

The Sand Demon, originally the Jiyu, was in development by Murasaki Orbital Shipyards for years. The design remained unfinished for quite some time, and was eventually purchased in its partially completed state by USO's Corgan Garret. Corgan removed much of the planned additions to the freighter in order to produce a simple transport. The resulting design became available in YE 39 after being stuck in development for five years.

About the Sand Demon Class

U2 Sand Demon Dropship

The Sand Demon is a robust, versatile and easily customization starship with a modular system design for greater ease in modification and equipment upgrading, but much of that was thrown out when the design was purchased and converted by USO and Corgan. Equipment that wasn't directly related to moving cargo or providing a bit of defense was scrapped to make more room for cargo and crew.


The reasons for the creation of the original MS-L1-1A design were two-fold – first, to create replacement light freighters for the Murasaki Keiretsu's aging merchanter fleet, the Trinary Star Shipping company and break the companies reliance on other organizations for the creation and development of its ships. Second, was to create a marketable product for Murasaki Orbital Shipyards to sell to the interstellar community. Because this design was the companies first foray in ship construction, the Research and Development team of Murasaki Orbital Shipyards spent several additional months laboring and revising the Jiyū design before finally allowing production to begin – in order to absolutely ensure sales and give the company a lasting good impression in the minds of its customers.

However, the design never seemed to reach the final stages. It was eventually purchased for use by Corgan Garret. Much of the extra features of the ship were stripped out of the design, and a focus was placed on finishing the ship to get it on the market as quickly as possible with the help of USO. Uso's intentions were twofold: keeping Corgan on as a mercenary and helping him succeed in his own goals.

In order to finish the design, a deal was struck with Geshrinari Shipyards to use their designs to help fill in the gaps where needed.


MS-L1-1A Jiyū-Class Light Freighter - Top View MS-L1-1A Jiyū-Class Light Freighter - Aft View

MS-L1-1A Jiyū-Class Light Freighter - Side View

The main body of the Sand Demon has a saucer-like shape. Extending out to the front is the ships bridge and main access ramp for the cargo deck. Towards the aft quarter of the ship are the three large sub-light drives that serve as the ships primary form of propulsion. Beneath the sub-light drives are a pair of hyper drive fold spines that allow the freighter to achieve faster-than-light interstellar travel. To both the port and starboard quarters of the ship are a pair of box-like extensions to the main hull which feature airlocks, spare turret mounts, and equipment mounts.

Statistics and Performance

General Information

Class: U2 Sand Demon-class Dropship
Nomenclature: U2
Type: Dropship
Designer: Murasaki Orbital Shipyards,USO, Corgan Garret
Manufacturer: USO
Production: Mass production
Fielded by: Civilian
Availability: Unrestricted
Damage Rating: SDR 18
Shields: SDR 18
Shield Threshold: SDR 2
Price: 130,000 KS/260,000 DA

FTL Speed: 0.75 LY/min STL SPeed: .24c

Crew Accommodations

Crew Compliment: 3 recommended, 1 required
Maximum Capacity: Accomodations for 37 people
Emergency Capacity: 100 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


Length: 100 meters
Width: 68 meters
Height: 20 meters

Inside the Sand Demon Class

Jiyū-Class Deck Layout

Deck 01 - Main Deck

Deck 02 - Cargo Deck

Cargo Capacity

The Sand Demon is 92.8 meters in length, 62.76 meters in width and 15.96 meters in height. It has two decks, with the entirety of the bottom deck being given over to storage space, and most other facilities being in the top deck. The total volume of the lower deck is around 6,200 cubic meters. There are three entrances to that deck from the outside of the ship. These are located beneath the bridge, and on the front of both of the side prong cargo areas. The entrances are 10 meters in width by 5 meters in height. Due to the shape of the lower deck it can realistically only fit 10-11 inside with some creative loading – though there's enough physical space for the equivalent volume of at least 55 SSCC-XL sized containers.

There are a number of cargo cradles built onto the base of the freighter – these are intended to allow the freighter to magnetically clamp onto large containers like the SSCC-XL, SSCC-Huge or a Detachable Outer Container or something similar. Technically, they could also be used to attach the freighter to another starship and tow it. Smaller external containers would have to be built to withstand space travel and atmo re-entry though, unlike the flimsy collapsible containers that are normally used for cargo transport.

Ship Systems

The Sand Demon has generic, off the shelf, versions of standard star ship components including thermal cameras, subspace radar, inertial dampeners, Electrostatic shields, Anti-gravity Shields, life support, electronics, and artificial gravity.


Although Durandium would have worked perfectly fine for an ordinary freighter, with the change in the ship’s purpose from a cargo hauler to a dropship, Corgan and Uso wanted something stronger. Since Yamataium is restricted, they decided something commercially available would work best. Geshrinari Shipyards’ GE-V1-H3302 - Spacecraft (OO) Hull Construction seemed like the reasonable choice.

Cargo Hold

The deck plating houses an inertial force redirection array to effectively negate excessive kinetic energy in the surrounding environment. These force fields are controlled by the ship's computer to either hold cargo containers in place or levitate them for easy loading/unloading.


The Sand Demon is equipped with a Ge-Y2-E3300 - Hogosha Quantum Computer System for all command and control functions. Corgan, concerned that “the kittens could be spying on him” requested that Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587 modify the Hogosha to ensure that was impossible.


The Sand Demon utilizes Ge-Y2-E3301 - Standard Starship Sensors.


The Sand Demon is equipped with a Ge-Y2-E3302 - Communications Suite for external communications. It is equipped with a Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System for internal communications.

Life Support

The Sand Demon uses basic Ge-Y1-V3100 - Life Support System capable of supporting up to 38 people.


Blast Shutters

The Sand Demon is equipped with Geshrinari Blast Shutters located throughout the ship to prevent explosive decompression.

Fire Suppression

The Sand Demon is equipped with the Ge-Y1-E3104 - Automatic Fire Suppression System for eliminating fires on board.

Escape Pods

The Sand Demon has six Ge-X3300 - Type 33 Escape Pod located at the rear of the ship on both sides of the top deck.


The Sand Demon is powered by dozens of U-G3801 Generators.


The Sand Demon replaced the unfinished MFP with a cluster of engines from engine containers that were available. These simple engines require little maintenance, although they are less efficient, and lower the overall top speed of the original design. Beneath the sub-light drives are a pair of hyper drive fold spines that allow the freighter to achieve faster-than-light interstellar travel.


The Sand Demon has six shield generators covering the front, sides, rear, above and below the ship that can generate an electrostatic field to ward off radiation and weapon impacts.


The Sand Demon has six main hardpoints designed to support a number of different turrets. The basic setup involves two fore-mounted Ge-Y1-W3100 - Anti-Ship Turrets, and four Ge-Y2-W3300 - Anti-Armor Turrets. There are spare turret mounts on the box-like protrusions to port and starboard, three on both sides. These are usually equipped with Ge-E1-W3400 - Dual Plasma Array for point defense.

OOC Notes

Article written by : ArsenicJohn, Zack

Approved here by CadetNewb on Feb 15 2017.

Art by Khasidel

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