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Project Wight

CIO or Complex Intelligence Operation is a Section 6 experiment in remote unit piloting by humans or advanced AI. While the hope is to have a line of combat ready, relatively expendable robotic bodies for VIP usage in situations where an appearance in person is impossible or at least ill-advised, the project is currenly in the prototype stages. One base model Automaton with a Limited Lethality designation has been created for field testing purposes.

About the Prototype

The S6-CIO-ALL is commonly referred to as 'Cio' for purposes of brevity, although some technicians also gave this test model the nickname 'All Wight' after seeing its rather simple initial coloration.


It's stressful to be needed in two places at the same time. Much less three or four. Jack Pine was quickly learning that Section 6 needed him to be almost everywhere they were, all the time. Even with a clone or two he still couldn't travel the galaxy fast enough to ensure all needs were being filled. Advanced communications, volumetrics, nothing their technology could provide was quite the same as being there in person. But, if they threw enough of Uso's money at the problem, they could get really, really close.

Cio units could be stored throughout their fleets and bases, ready for himself or other VIPs to activate and meet with staff 'in person'. Skilled technicians or expert combatants could be instantly deployed to critical areas without travel time or risk. Once they ironed out all the kinks.

That's where Essex and Chlorate entered the picture. The two advanced AI had already proven themselves (relatively) loyal and (relatively) competent. The thought of being transferred into an untested, alien, completely mechanical body wasn't entirely unknown or even that frightening, and they were somewhat easier to not only safely reboot but also check for possible errors. Plus, Chlorate was extremely curious and Essex extremely bored, so once Mark's worries were assuaged they were ready to break in their new toy.


The prototype unit was given a particularly feminine appearance, to appeal to the two initial intended users. It is sleek and smooth, the sturdy Usonium skeleton and armor mostly covered by a fairly thick layer of a soft, pliable, rubbery material. As the nickname implies, 'All Wight' is rather sparsely decorated, sporting only a few trimmings in the traditional Section 6 black and red to break up the stark white shell.

While it has no specific sexual characteristics, the prototype does have a curved chest and pronounced hips with long, sleek limbs to emphasize the feminine shape. Cio's head is mostly featureless beyond a pair of glowing red eyes and a circular piece of Transparent Durandium in the middle of its forehead, protecting the main and most powerful camera, along with other sensors. Its hands and feet are particularly dexterous, fingers and toes coated in a rubbery grip, the only touch-sensitive locations on the unit.

Intelligent Control

All Cio units require at least a human-level intelligence to operate. The software on board is relatively light, and almost entirely relegated to allowing the host to easily control the unit. While it possesses the processing power to accommodate advanced AI along with their data storage and impressive calculations, it simply meets the host at their level. Meaning the more digitally enhanced the user is, the more processing power the unit can provide.

Unit Size

Height 6' (183 cm)
Weight 327 lb (148 kg)

Damage Capacity Stats

Below is the Damage Rating Tier for 'All Wight':
SARPv3 Tier: Tier 4 Light Anti-Armor

Computer Systems



Cio is equipped with a gravity/inertia drive with a top speed of 90 mph (145 kmph). This also makes it able to float weightlessly, walk on walls and ceilings, propel objects away from it and potentially deflect projectiles. When running, it has a top speed of roughly 50 mph (80 kmph) while lightly burdened. It is capable of feats of agility similar to a Nekovalkyrja, although this depends heavily on the user's own skill and training.


The fully robotic body features impressive strength, allowing it to carry approximately 1000 lb (454 kg) of weight in 1G. Combined with its sturdy construction, this enables the Cio to comfortably make use of firearms and other equipment designed for most Power Armor.


Electronic Camouflage System
Cio is equipped with volumetric projection capabilities within in a 9' (3m) radius. This allows the unit to alter its appearance to match the user's or impersonate others, although physical contact would betray the illusion.

Power Systems

Sensors and Communications

Wz-G3802 Small Optical Sensor in head, body is studded with much smaller cameras with similar capabilites for near 360 degree field of vision. The unit includes hardwired and wireless network connection capabilities, along with other sensory devices, speakers and microphones installed inside its head.


USO-MWS1-MAVERICK stored in left thigh compartment.
6 magazines (30 rounds) stored in right thigh compartment.
8โ€ (20 cm) Durandium Alloy mono-edge blades concealed in each forearm.


A mount is hidden within each shoulder, and when extended it enables a rifle-like weapon to be attached and carried across the back.

Future Models

Mass production models are already in the initial design phases, with data from field testing of the prototype model aiding in their refinement. The two Automatons currently planned for future release have the designations Civilian Equipment (ACE) and Military Personnel (AMP).

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